Julianna Margulies / DMX
February 12, 2000

Hey hey! it's JK, with another edition of JKs SNL. Sorry I missed the past 2
shows,but the past 2 shows were (In my opinion) BAD with a capital B.A.D. I
a theory that every time Don Pardo sounds bad , or is being replaced by a
member, the show will suck. Well, oddly enough, it did. But now, pardo came
and last nights show was great (but bad only once.) so away we go...

Old hillary Vs. New Hillary: Ana's Hillary was really stiff, but then again,
that's how
Hillary is sometimes, Bill getting the camera in the end, was friggen gold
but the
sketch itself, was a so-so silver:(In other words) B

Monolouge: I love Julianna in every way possible, but she was crazy to give
up that
kind of money, anyway, the ER:SVU thing was ok, except when that mysterious
spanish sounding, weird mustache looking, noah wylesque looking guy showed
you don't believe a single word that i just said, SOOOOOOOORRRRRRRY.) C+

Litter Critters: Folks, if you already read the review for 10/16/99 you know
feel already,but if you didn't, heres the grade again: F

Bird family: this was possibly the only other sketch that I found nasty. Who
want to eat pre-chewed food, Oh wait, I think that happened before:(February
1980, Chevy Chase.)D-

E! Fashion Show: Only one word can describe this one, Damn! the parts with
and Ferrell were funnier than the rest of it. Oh sure, there were some ok
guy ready to take a sperm sample,and the telerack<phone on dress>) but thats

The aligator hunter: In yet another attempt to duplicate the amount of blood
from the
julia child sketch of almost 20 years ago, this one came close. Kattan's
reactions to
the biting and the poison and everything else made me laugh my a** off: A-

Simmer down now: When this first began on the garth brooks show, I thought
it was
just dumb, but now that I have actually watched it, I like it now.(hey if
I'm being
unfair about sketches, so be it.) the best part was when ana was dragged in
to have
something done to her: B+

Update: Hey, forget about the news bits for a second, lets talk about cheri
acting like
a nervous wreck. Now I know some of you may agree or dissagree about cheri
being overly spastic, but tonight was a HUGE exception. she was the funniest
I have
seen of her in, Well, 1 1/2 years. she WAS update that night as for the news
itself, it
needs major work: A+ for cheri, C- overall

DMX: fellow rap lovers, sorry, I hate rap, what can I say: no rating

The face of commercial dysfunction: This was in fact one of the best
sketches of the
night. How many of you were laughing at the drooping weiner jokes and the
roll punchline at the end... that's what I thought: A+

Savin' It: Ok, cheri was being annoying here, the only good parts were when
was breaking all the glasses, and Jimmy was pounding on the table, the other
were too sick for my blood:B

DMX: Again, I Hate rap: No raiting

The Bloater boys: this could turn out to be an interesting recurring
character, I love
how they laugh non stop and in a moronic way about everything. Kinda reminds
of Bevis and Butthead, only more messed up.: B

Priceline.com: Darrell has been trying a lot of new characters this season,
but this
one is a joke, (Translation:His Shatner sucks)D+

Overall: B+

Sketches of the night:Alligator hunter
The face of commercial dysfunction

Losers of the night: Bird family

On a serious note, if you haven heard already, Peanuts creator Charles
and legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry died over night and we'll miss them
both. Untill next time That's the news and I am outta here!!!

TOM LANDRY 1924-2000
we love you both.

Episode Review written by JK's SNL

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