Julianna Margulies / DMX
February 12, 2000

[COLD OPENING] Hillary's Message:
A bit dull until Bill (Darrel Hammond) showed up. The "Change List" of
hers was the best though. All in all, it could have been better.
Rating: B-

[MONOLOGUE] Julianna Margulies:
Weird pants, never heard of her, didn't like it.
Rating: C

[COMMERCIAL] Kitty Kritters:
I hate it when they do an old commercial on a new show. The only one
that'll never get old is the "Cookie Dough Sport". But this...
Rating: F

[SKETCH] Bird Family:
A prime example of what this cast will do to make you laugh. And Will
Ferrel was absolutely hilarious. Hell, everyone in this sketch was
great. This should go down as one of the best SNL sketches of all time.

Rating: A+ (duh)

[SKETCH] E! Fashion World:
Ferrell and Shannon were at their best in this sketch (which is pretty
amazing because they're both so damn great. The glasses were "smashing"
on Ferrell to. And think they squeezed as much comedy from this idea as
they could.
Rating: A

[SKETCH] Simmuhduhnuh:
Schwimmer-Dow-Gnaw was good, the patients were good, and Augusta was
great. But still, it didn't really end up as a very good sketch, even
after the funny ending (which SNL is sometimes horrible at).
Rating: B

[SKETCH] Croc World:
Always nice to see Kattan in a skit more than once per show. So I
commend this sketch. Good job, Chris.
Rating: B

I can see why someone wouldn't like Oteri's character, but I, for one,
thought she was hilarious, as was Colin. Once Cheri said "Got milk?" I
was laughing until the commercials started.
Rating: A

shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up.
Just SHUT THE FUCK UP! Ah, what the hell? I kind of like having time
to go to the fridge for something.
Rating: F-----------

[SKETCH] Tootsie Roll commercial:
I didn't think this could get any funnier until I heard the word
"tootsie roll". Then it became second to the bird family sketch (which
I must add, contained the great Will Ferrel in that, too.
Rating: A

[SKETCH] Savin' it:
I thought this showed how great Dratch is at playing the social-reject
type, but how dare they imply that only nerds like Monty Python. Monty
Python kicks. Ana and Julianna were great as the "virgins". Doesn't
Jessica Simpson sing exactly like Celine Dion? The only differences are
that ugly Dion married some 80 year old and "beautiful"(if you like her
type) Simpson is a staunch Catholic.
Rating: B+

Same as before, only this time it was a bathroom break.
Rating: Same

[SKETCH] Bloater Brothers:
These two will definetely return, at least they better. This was
hilarious. I loved the look on there faces when Julianna proposed that
they could all go up to her room to have fun and smoke some pot.
Rating: A

[COMMERCIAL] Priceline.com:
It's a shame that the show ended with this awful sketch.
Rating: D-

Will Ferrel was the best actor of the night. Most sketches were good or
great(e.g. Bird Family, Tootsie Roll, Fashion World, and Weekend
Update). But some really blowed(Kitty Kritters, DMX, and Priceline).
Rating: C+

Episode Review written by Alex Everett

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