Tobey Maquire / Sisqo
April 15, 2000

Salut, je m'appelle Jordan Davidson, et maintenant vous lisez ma critique de
Samedi Soir En Direct.

I regret I'll have to hold off the list of names for another review. I'm
sure you're all very disappointed... um, yeah.

Anyhoo, I'm in a happy mood because my Raptors are in the playoffs and that
I'm guaranteed to have tickets to one, perhaps two, playoff games. One will
be their first playoff home game, likely Game 3 against the Knicks or Heat
or 76ers or some team like that, so watch for me.. I'll be the Elton John
lookalike twenty rows behind Butch Carter.

On another note, it's official: Effective September 2000, Jordan Davidson is
a university man. The only question is: Which university? I've been
accepted by both Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo and York University
in.. York, which were 1-2 on my list, although it was really closer to a
tie. (U. of Guelph hasn't gotten back to me yet, and they can therefore
kiss my ass.) It's basically decision making time over here, so I'll get
back to you when I've made it. Incidentally, York has its advantages, as in
the opportunity to open my episode reviews with "Live from York, it's.."
Okay, I'll stop. But seriously, university will be cool.

So what does this have to do with SNL? Absolutely nothing! I tend to do
that, don't I? Well, why don't I stop that right now and give you my two
cents on the Tobey Maguire/Sisqo episode? Maybe I will, smart guy! Yeah,
you sure told me..

Overview - I didn't see Cider House Rules, and I haven't seen a lot of
Tobey's movies, but I've heard good things about him, and I chose to believe
them. As for Sisqo: I've generally stayed away from Dru Hill's rap stuff,
but there's one song I like called "Enchantment Passing Through" which can
be found on Elton John's Aida CD. The song was actually more R&B than rap.
Note to Dru Hill: Do this more often! It's an improvement!

The SNL House Rules - I hear this is a Cider House Rules parody, and I'll
believe that. Mildly amusing. While I haven't seen CHR, I think I've still
seen something like this somewhere else. Mildly amusing. C

Monologue - I'm kind of lost for words commenting on this. Yeah, Tobey
Maguire is Jar Jar Binks. And I'm the big Pizza guy from Spaceballs. Great
monologue, though. A

Celebrity Jeopardy - Too bad this will likely be the last one, because it
went out with a bang. This is the first SNL sketch in recent memory to
bring me to tears. Good job, guys. Thanks for the memories. A+

Simma Dah Nah! - I can now successfully predict the outcome of any Simma Dah
Nah sketch. Partial credit. B-

Funhouse - All right.. a nice piece of cartoon porn. Like Fritz the Cat,
only funny. And worthy of watching, for that matter. A-

Inside the Actor's Studio - It was a bit like they were under pressure to
bring Lipton back. Not a bad result, but not overly fantastic. B-

Tennis Lesson - What was this? It was like listening to my grandmother on
the phone! D+

Weekend Update - Sub-par. I guess Colin was really concentrating on not
offending anyone. The correspondants brought it up a wee bit. A-

Sisqo - What the firetruck? Last time I checked, "Livin' La Vida Loca" was
a different song--a BETTER song. C

Yoga This - Another great filler. I have to wonder whose head this came
from. I could probably do it too if I had pants that huge! Not that I'd
want to. A

Short film by McKay - Let me get this straight. They cut Delicious Dish for
THIS?!! This was God awful! I can't believe anyone agrees to do this for
what is supposed to be a comedy show. Not that this would be good in any
other genre. F-------

Hey, I Know You! - Not bad. That's sort of one of the main fears I'd have
of coming back to a hometown. Or if I was ever in a movie.. "Halloween 47:
Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and the SNL nerd from Orangeville..." B

Westlink - What? As far as I'm concerned, this was a real commercial. F

Overall - A very solid effort. Tobey would have been a natural sketch
comedian. B

In a couple of weeks, John Goodman makes his well-awaited but inevitable
return to SNL alongside Neil Young. Is THIS a rerun? Find out on May 6!

Note: It is not really a rerun.

Catch you later!

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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