Tobey Maquire / Sisqo
April 15, 2000

OVERVIEW: I didnt know who Tobey Macgwire was, even though I have seen some of his movies. Sisqo sucks and he is a waste of a musical guest. After a solid week before, lets see how this show goes.

COLD OPENING: This was funny, provided you saw the movie Cider House Rules. Chris Kattan was funny in the bag. It was cool how Lorne called them "the kings of late night." You had also had to see the movie Cider House Rules to get that. The Joe Piscopo joke was funny too. The Opening also marked Tracy Morgan's apperance of the night. One of the better openings of the year.

MONOLOGUE: Okay. I dont know why Adam McKay doesnt just become a cast member; he is in more skits than some cast members. This was a good way to let people know who Tobey was, because I doubt many people did. At least there was no singing this week.

JEOPARDY: I feel that this one of the better Jeopardy sketches that they have done to this point. Jimmy was a great Hillary Swank. That was a very good idea. The catergory "Things Trebek Sucks" was a good one by Sean Connery. Foreign Flicks was funny, im ashamed to say it took me a minute to get it. The video Daily Double was solid with Ricky Martin. Lastly, Chris Parnell was great as Hillary Swanks manager. You had to see him cry in the oscars to get it.

SIMMER DOWN NOW: I have never really liked this sketch. It was better than a few of the other ones though. Jimmy was good when he said he would take his money to Wendy's across the street. Why does Tim Meadows always wear that Grant Hill Pistons jersey? The Donna Summer was a good way to get her to Simmer Down Now. Overall, not that bad, but they should stop this sketch. Tobey Macgwire was not a good manager.

CARTOON: Not one of Smigel's better efforts. This was a pretty dumb premise, I dont think it even had a chance to be funny. Why did that whale eat the shop at the end? The cartoon picked up slightly towards the very end, but it was still very weak at best.

ACTORS STUDIO WITH DUSTIN DIAMOND: This was hilarious. How could they not have made of Screech before? Tobey looked alot like Screech. It was so funny when they said that "Saved By The Bell - Hawaiian Style" was the greatest movie ever. That movie is so bad. Lastly, it was great when Screech said he doesnt like when people throw garabge and feces at him the least when Will Ferrell when asked him. Oh yeah, and when he said that in heaven he will be playing the role of Zack.

TENNIS LESSONS: This is the only time I will ever say this- Someone is better at Will Ferrell at a character. They used to do this with Mark McKinney and he was excellent as the husband. I think Darrell used to do it as well, but I;m not sure. Anyways, it is a hard role for Ferrell to convince the audiance of what he is doing. This sketch was not funny, and I can see why they havent done it for awhile.

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH COLIN QUINN: An above average update. I still cant understand why he has to mutter things like "Thank you folks, I dont know what to say" at the begginng. The jokes were very solid this week. I liked the Bush and Slim fast jokes. I did not like the Colin Quinn editorial. This was weak and a dumb idea. They need to have Kevin Brennan come back for some more political analysis. Actually, the joke about Al Gore and the nerd table might have been the best joke actually. The Angelina Jolie bit by Molly Shannon and Chris Kattan was very funny. The Joy Lipton part with Cheri was stupid and that brought down the Update. Overall, it was very good though. Oh yeah, actually the funniest joke was that South Carolina will have Martin Luther King Day on June 32nd.

MUSICAL GUEST SISQO- For the first time this year, I didnt bother watching the music. At least they only gave this hack one song. I heard it sucked though from some people.
GRADE F (probably)

YOGA CLASS: Decent for after update, but it was predictable and you knew what was coming. It was sort of funny I guess.

SHORT MOVIE BY ADAM MCKAY: The third movie of the year. Not as good as The Heat Is on, better than the Neil Armstrong one from a few weeks ago. Actually, it was pretty funny and it was a very good idea. Steve Buscemi is funny. I am not a big fan of Horatio, but he was funny in this as was Will Ferrell as expected. Hilarious when they showed Horatio sleeping standing up. Two of the movies have been funny, but i think they should concentrate more on sketches.

OLD NEIGHBOORHOOD: A very solid closing sketch. Will was right on as usual. The names of the magazines were pretty funny. Great when Horatio came out as the other worker and he called Ferrell the porno guy. Maybe this should have been in place of the sketch before update.

WESTLINK: Just bad. Really dumb and bad. There was no cast members, just the voice over by Parnell, who was underused tonight.

OVERALL: A very up and down show. The opening was good, and people will remember Jeopardy and the thing about Screech. The rest was very forgettable. I dont think Tobey Macgwire was all that great of a host and the music sucked big time.

Skecth of the Night- tie Jeopardy, Actors Studio
Worst Skecth of the Night- Westlink (if that counts), the tennis instructor with Tobey, Will and Ana
Actor of the Night- Will Ferrell (big surprise)
Overall Grade - C+ Average show

See everyone next week.

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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