Tobey Maquire / Sisqo
April 15, 2000

this was the official "oh my god, i can't beleive they showed that on network tv" show of the year... and oh my god, i can't believe nbc showed this, even on late night. before the show, i wrote: if they show sally omally (the 50 year old), i'm going to kill myself (john and i broke up, and that was our sketch). unfortunatley, they had another john reference (see sketches).

cider house rules- it took me a while to catch on... but it was pretty funny. B

monologue- what was that obnoxious guy deal about? the writers probably thought it was funny, although it wasn't. D

celebrity jeopardy- i always like this skecth (i was watching norm's episode earlier today). when i saw jimmy fallon as hillary swank, i almost died. "things trebeck sucks" and "what is light urple" (when asked for a color that ended in urple). hilarious. A+

simma daw nah- i've tried repeating this aloud, and it isn't easy. i love this skecth, and tobey was great. "git fore i take a switch to ya!" ha ha ha A+

tv fun house- i hate real audio (i was hoping for the ambiguo boys)... this one was okay though. and this is where the show started getting raunchy, when pinochio's nose got an erection, and he tryed to hump sharon stone with it. B

actor's studio- i thought it was dumb at the beggining, and it turned out dumb. tobey was bad in this unnesecary sketch. D

country club- wow! 2 bad sketches back-to-back! very annoying sketch. i don't think i laughed once. if it gets any worse, i'll be very surprised. C

weekend update- ol' dependable colin! good jokes, as always. i loved the piece with angelina jolie... i can't beleive nbc let them get away with the lingerie bit. A

sisquo- um, i expected that much. i'm stupid, because i actually like the thong song, having only heard it twice. A-

yoga- i was wondering where this sketch was going, and wow! auto-felatio.... how did nbc approve this one? this sketch really got me depressed though: john knows how to give himself felatio. i'm currently looking at picture of him when he used to look like a gangster... sad night. THIS ONE GETS A FUCKING F FOR GETTING ME DOWN!

pawn shop- "hey, someone crapped on your floor." it started out funny, and ended up just the same. steve buscemi was funny, and this was alot better than neil armstrongs short movie. A

porno- big beaver? a jerk magazine? wow. once again, how did this ever make it to air? it wasn't that good a sketch. B-

westlink- obscure. stupid. i won't waste anymore words. C

Episode Review written by QcOnGrEsS7

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