Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

First off, I gotta say I was very disappointed in this show. I love Norm
Macdonald, just hearing him talk makes me laugh, but the show in general
sucked. I guess he knew what he was talking about when he said in his
monologue that we got a bad show for you.

[OPENING] Rudy Giuliani makes a World Series bet : Lame!

[MONOLOGUE] Norm Macdonald : I like Norm, but I didn't feel there was any
need for the language, especially taking the lords name in vain!!

[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo : Well, the sketch had to done, so
it was timely if not very funny.

[SKETCH] Great Moments in Yankee History : Great sarcasm from Norm. It's
just like something he'd say.

[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy : Possibly the only funny bit on the whole
show and that's not saying much.

[SKETCH] NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is Too Thin? : Funny, good Ally

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views : This sketch definitely got old
after awhile. I never noticed Norm's crooked bottom teeth before so at
least I got something out of the sketch.

[CARTOON] Fun with Real Audio : Not as funny as his previous cartoons,
but hey if you're gonna have a bad cartoon, this SNL episode was the
perfect one to have it on.

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views : Oh geez, not this again. Why must
we continue to beat this poor dead horse.

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Colin Quinn : It was ok. This is always my least
favorite part of the show however.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg : No opinion cause I don't
listen to this type of music.

[SKETCH] The McMulluns argue at Halloween : It was an ok sketch. Cheri
is always funny and she and Norm were funny together. Still the sketch
ended with the music blaring so loud you couldn't even hear why Norm was
being arrested. I just know it had something to do with the phone.

[SKETCH] Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows : Good grief, this sketch
really sucked. I'm still trying to figure out if Tim forgot his lines or
if they realized also how much the sketch was sucking and how unfunny it

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Eminem : No opinion, I didn't listen to

[SKETCH] Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio : I think this was just another
excuse for Norm to be able to take the lords name in vain. If this is the
only way he thinks he can get a laugh on SNL then he's wrong. I totally
see no need in talking this way.

[COMMERCIAL] Chess for Girls : You know a show is bad when they end it on
a previously shown commercial. At least it was funny and original.

Episode Review written by Tracey Welsh

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