Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

[OPENING] Rudy Giuliani makes a World Series bet
This was okay. Not great, but okay. Cold openings
generally aren't the greatest anyway.
My grade: B-

[MONOLOGUE] Norm Macdonald
As much as I dislike Norm, I have to admit this was a
very good monologue; actually, one of the best I've
seen that didn't rely on other cast members or
audience "participation."
My grade: A

[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo
I love Ana's Martha Stewart, and this was clever.
My grade: A-

[SKETCH] Great Moments in Yankee History
This was pointless.
My grade: C

[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy
I usually love Celebrity Jeopardy because of Sean
Connery, but Burt Reynolds stole the show. I do wish
Sean had been more of a force on it, though.
My grade: A-

[SKETCH] NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is Too Thin?
Very odd, but I liked the chance to see our new
featured player in action.
My grade: B

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
I really dislike this. It wasn't funny at all.
My grade: C-

[CARTOON] Fun with Real Audio
Didn't watch.

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
Again, ew. The first one was better because Norm's
use of the akward pause went over okay; this time, no
one laughed.
My grade: D

Good, but I dislike the Millenium special piece they
My grade: B

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
Didn't watch.

[SKETCH] The McMulluns argue at Halloween
This was interesting. Cheri was pretty funny.
My grade: B

[SKETCH] Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows
I honestly don't remeber this one.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Eminem
Didn't watch from here on out. It just wasn't getting
my attention tonight.

Final thoughts: Where the hell were Chris and Molly?
Good grief, would it kill them to have EVERYONE
together on at least one show? I like the new
featured player. I hope we get to see more of her in
the future. I wish this had been funnier overall; I'm
not a big Norm fan.
My grade: C

So overall, it gets: B-, which seems rather high.

Episode Review written by Staros Staros

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