Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

[OPENING] Al Gore & George Bush
It was alright. Only Clinton gave it some laughs.
Score: C

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham
This monologue was very funny since Meadows,
Ferrell and Parnell all tried to have sex with her. Parnell
Was definately the funniest with the gift?
Score: A
[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters
What can I say about this? Funny yet somehow disgusting.
It wasn't bad.

[SKETCH] The sex-crazed couple
I love this sketch. It was one of the funniest all night.
Heather Graham was very convincing. The best part was
When Ferrell kissed Kattan on the lips. Kattan and Oteri
are at their best.
Score: A+

[SKETCH] The Ladies Man
I love the ladies man. He is so funny. In this sketch he
talks about porno's with Graham, who's dressed as roller girl,
who she plays in Boogie Nights.
Score: A++

[COMMERCIAL] Where Are They Now?
Hanz and Franz. These guys were funny and they still are.
Always talking about killing flab and pumbbing girlymen.
It's nice to see Nealon and Carvey back together.
Score: B

[SKETCH] Netaid
Not funny and too long. The Cane thing was stupid. The
only funny thing was the ticket sales being so low.
Score: D-

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
It could have been much better. When Quinn yelled at the little girl,
which seemed mean but it was very funny. Horatio Sanz talks about
the Latin explosion. It was very funny.
Score: B

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
I don't like him.

[SKETCH] Dog Show
I never found this sketch funny. It's so stupid. Sorry
Mr. Bo-Jangles, maybe next time
Score: F

[SKETCH] Blair Witch Project Parody
This was funny. Lorne Michaels and Tim Meadows trying
to say that their not going to do a parody but every time they show
a clip it ends up to be a Blair Witch parody.
Score: B+

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
Not a chance. I hate this guy.
Score: D

[SKETCH] Threesome
Not bad, not bad. It was sorta weird and funny. SNL could of
thought of something better to do.
Score: C-

entire show: A- it wasn't better than Seinfeld but it will definitely be one of the funniest
one's of the season. I was expecting more but I wasn't disappointed. Overall, it was a good show.

Episode Review written by Rick Williams

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