Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

Opening sketch: This wasn't too bad. I missed the very beginning, but it was good for a cheap laugh. I especially liked the over-enunciation of "Yankees". Grade: B+

Monologue: Norm has always been good at things where he doesn't have to do imitations. This was great, at least for an opening. Grade: A-

Martha Stewart Living promo: Eh. Ana's Martha Stewart impersonation was dead on, but I didn't find this all that funny. Had its moments, though. Grade: B-

Great Moments in Yankee History: This was without a doubt the worst SNL sketch I have ever seen. Just really, really bad. At least they didn't make it longer. Grade: F-

Celebrity Jeopardy: HILARIOUS. Just when I thought the episode was going to really be horrible, this came on. I've always like Hammond's Connery impression, and Norm's Burt Reynolds was good as well. Grade: A+

NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is Too Thin?: I really didn't care for this, although I could understand if some people found it funny. Barely got a chuckle out of me. Grade: D+

Larry King's News and Views Part 1: I don't really know if this was just a bad impersonation, or bad material. I think it was the latter, because Norm partially saved this with the long pause and the random "Butter!" at the end. Grade: C+

Fun With Real Audio: This was great. The Planet of The Apes thing was very predictable, but was still pulled off nicely. This episode seemed to bounce back and forth between bad points and good points. Grade: A-

Larry King's News and Views Part 2: Ugh. This should not have even been given a second thought. It nearly made me sick. Not even Norm could save this one. Grade: D-

Weekend Update: Colin has finally started to get good at this. He's better than Nealon, at any rate. Grade: A

Weekend Update Presents The Millenium: Events That Never Happened: This was funny. Better than last episode's "Sharks" by far. Grade: A-

Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg: I hate most rap. I despise it. But this was still a good performance by two above-average rappers. Grade: B+

The McMulluns argue at Halloween: Not too bad. Although I think "Who you gonna call?" "Toothbrushers!" is going to be repeating endlessly in my mind for the next week. Grade: B

Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows: I missed a lot of this, but from what I saw, it was pretty average. Howard Stern coming out at the end was unexpected. Grade: C

Dr. Dre featuring Eminem: I hate that little putz Eminem. That's pretty much all I have to say. Grade: D-

Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio: This was almost as funny as Celebrity Jeopardy. Ferrell is great in any sketch, and Norm's soft voice that answered the questions was great. "I'd like to hear God telling me that James Lipton is in Hell right now, getting raped by the devil." almost made me pass out. Grade: A+

Chess for Girls: This was almost exactly like those doll commercials that are on all the time. A nice way to end the show. Grade: B

Overall: Norm's return was really brought down by two horrible, horrible sketches. But I think that Celebrity Jeopardy and Inside The Actors Studio almost made up for that.("Almost" being the operative word there.) Grade: C+

Episode Review written by Justin Grace

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