Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

Opening Sketch:
Guilianni sketch, very successful and I think it has been the best opener this season. Darrell did mess up though saying "New York Peaches." A-

Very funny. Norm has a way with words and his presence has been missed around 8H. A

Martha Stewart:
All right. I'm getting sick of Ana doing Martha Stewart, but okay. B

Celebrity Jeopardy:
Awesome. The writers never cease to amaze me with celeb jep. absolutely hilarious. A

Nothing too great. Had a few funny moments, but overall average at best. B-

Larry King News and Views:
The best! I've loved this segment since it started two seasons ago. Although norm doesn't really sound like Larry, the bit is great. A

Saturday TV Funhouse:
Real audio isn't as good as the totally original stuff, but it was okay. I miss good old Ace and Gary and the X-presidents. B-

Weekend Update:
Funny. Colin is great with the "fake news" as Norm himself used to call it. Since I met Colin a year ago, I've become a huge fan. A-

SUCKS! What can I say, it blew. D

Trick or Treating/Fighting Couple:
Pretty Funny. Not the best, but nevertheless funny. A-

Michael Jackson @ Bar:
Very nice. Typical SNL humor, worthy of an A-

Music again:
STILL SUCKS, getting annoying though. F

Inside actors studio:
Norm doesn't do the best Clint Eastwood, which combined with a mediocre sketch earns a B-


Episode Review written by Jeff

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