Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

This is how my rating system is
*= terrible
**= not good
***= okay
****= very good
*****= Awesome


Opening: Mayor Giuliani's bet on Yankees
This was okay. I like to see a lot of different openings compared to last years Clinton opening every show.,
RATING: ***1/2

Monologue: Although the monologue was funny, i do not agree that the show sucks, or that Norm isn't funny
Rating: ****

Martha Stewart Living promo: When will they end
Rating: **

Great moments in Yankee history: FUNNY! Couldn't be better
Rating: *****

Celebrity Jeopardy: These are always funny, but why was Burt Reynolds acting like Connery with mispronoucing everything.
Rating: ****

Rating: **

Latrry King's news and view 1: These were funny, i always love when SNL does this
Rating: ****

Cartoon: I never usually watch the cartoons
Rating: *

Larry King's News and Views 2: This was also funny, Norm did a great job
Rating: ****

Weekend Update: Colin Quinn is really funny, i don't know what else to say
Rating: ****

Musical Guest(Dr. Dre): I usually don't like rap, but this is okay
Rating: ***

Arguement Sketch: The funniest of the night by far, they need more of these!
Rating: *****

Michael Jackson: This was okay
Rating: ***

Musical Guest: Once again, inot bad
Rating: ***

Bravo's inside the actors studios: I must have missed this one, i kinda fell asleep
No rating

Chess for girls: I have seen this before, and it's just as annoying as those barbie and ken commercials in real life.
Rating: **

Episode Review written by Jason Miller

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