Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

Pre thoughts-Wow, I love Norm! I'm really looking forward to this episode.
Unfortunately, I have a band competition and I won't be able to see it live.
Oh well.

P.S. Band did a kick ass show!

[OPENING-Rudy Giuliani makes a World Series bet]

Pretty good. Chris Parnell did an excellent impression.

Rating: A

[MONOLOGUE-Norm Macdonald]

Excellent! I loved when Norm was talking about his disagreement with the
Rating: A+

[SKETCH-Martha Stewart Living promo]

Pretty Good.
Rating: B+

[SKETCH-Great Moments in Yankee History]

Funny, Typical Norm Humor.
Rating: B+

[SKETCH-Celebrity Jeopardy]

Yes!! I love Celebrity Jeopardy! It was really great to see Norm as Burt
Reynolds was great, and Jimmy Fallon does a great French Steward. And as
always the Final Jeopardy answers are rolling on the floor funny.
Rating: A+

[SKETCH-NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is To Thin?]

This was a different sketch. Ana Gasteyer was funny. It was good to finally
see the new-featured cast member. I liked the hair-blowing thing.
Rating: A-

[SKETCH-Larry King's News and Views]

Great! Norm rules! The best parts were when Norm would just look at the
camera for like a minuet.
Rating: A

[CARTOON-Fun with Real Audio]

Ehhh. I've seen better TV Fun Houses. The best part was probably with
'Planet of the Apes.'
Rating: B-

[SKETCH-Larry King's News and Views]

Same as the first time.
Rating: A


It was ok. I liked the Millennium thing. I really wish Norm had made an
Rating: B

[MUSICAL GUEST-Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg]

Ehh, not my thing.

[SKETCH-The McMulluns argue at Halloween]

Funny stuff. It was good too finally see Norm in a sketch were he wasn't one
of his old recurring characters.
Rating: A

[SKETCH-Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows]

Norm as a bartender, good call. Tim Meadows's Michael Jackson was good. I
liked Howard Stern at the end.
Rating: A

[MUSICAL GUEST-Dr. Dre featuring Eminem]

Again, not my thing.

[SKETCH-Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio]

Great. Will and Norm were both funny in this. Norm sure cursed a lot.
Rating: A-

[COMMERCIAL-Chess for Girls]

Ehhh, there've been better commercials.

Rating: B

Post Thoughts-Great episode. Norm's the best. I loved Celebrity Jeopardy,
but this episode could have been better if Norm would have appeared on
Weekend Update. It was still a good episode, despite the fact that it was
delayed because of the baseball game and I didn't have my tape set for it.
Took me half way through the week till I got my friends tape to see the end.
Oh well. See you in 2 weeks.

Episode Review written by Art Vandelay

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