Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

Well, I'm sure I'm going to get slammed for this review, but whatever. I
thought this was the WORST SNL in all history of SNL!!! Oh, good lord..just
to type this review and relive it all over is like PURE HELL!!! But you
know what...if you are already "miffed" by my first few lines..then I advise
you not to read on! LOL :) So enjoy. Even though I didn't enjoy the show,
some good bashing is always fun!

Rudy Gioliani makes a World Series Bet: Okay, dumb!! What the hell was
this?? I didn't get the whole thing. Maybe it's the fact that I'm so caught
up reading Reniassance Drama to keep up with today's politics, news and
baseball (like I care!!!) Didn't laugh, didn't smile. Braced myself for an
hour and a half of HELL! F

Monologue (Norm MacDonald): "I wasn't funny", well, it's about time you
said something right! Okay, I loathe him, I loathe him with every fiber in
my body. He just was talking way too much and was just SO NOT FUNNY!! (at
least I agree with him on something!) And I know that I can bash SNL just
as much as the next guy, but to put down a TV show that basically made you
into something (whatever that may be in your eyes!) is totally wrong! F

Martha Stewart Living Promo: Ana cracks me up! This wasn't as funny as her
usual Martha sketch though. The best was the bash on Martha (50 year old,
divorcee...psycho). That was great! But I felt it didn't hold strong. C

Great Moments in Yankee History: OMG!!! All time LOW! What the hell was
this?? Just so stupid! Horrible!!! F

Celebrity Jeopardy: Why, why why! I just knew they would have Norm do Burt
(the old 80s Burt..get with the program people!) Nothing like beating a dead
horse! Darrell as Sean Connery always without a doubt makes me happy! And
Jimmy as usual his impression was great. I noticed though that it wasn't as
"tight" as the first time he did French Stewart. Anyway, this turned out to
be a great sketch, despite the small flaw. My favorite was "Ape Tit" "Moo"
and "The Ruff". I seriously did laugh out loud! A-

NBC Crosstalk-How Thin is Too Thin?: Ana made this sketch...she cracked me
up. The rest of the sketch I care no comment due to the fact that I might
get booted off the net (if I haven't done so so far! LOL) if I expressed my
thoughts and feelings on this horrid piece of comedy(?) And surprisingly,
LOL, Norm wasn't even in it..so you can't tell me that I have a biased
opinion! This has to get a double F

Larry King's News and Veiws: I hate it! What's the point? This just sucked.
OMG, I'm in hell! I can't believe they actually took time to write this
out..wasted paper, time, cue cards, making the set...ugh! D-

Cartoon(Fun with Real Audio): Okay so I thought the cartoons were over
with..hmmm...oh, well! I never liked these real audio things. I think they
are dumb and a waste of time (hmm, like this whole episode). I totally did
not appreciate some of the jokes in this at all! Rude, crass, and totally
childish. But whatever. F

Larry King's News and Views: AAAHHHH!!! It's like a bad horror film where
you are running in circles and can't get out of it! I have definitely
reached a nightmare and SNL has reached the lowest of the the low! D- (Just
continuing from above)

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn: The Millennuim: So much better than the
shark thing! I liked the skelator reference..that cracked me up. Pretty
good B
Marla Maples: Cheri was great! "Park Avenue Kooch" was awesome! Loved how
she was totally dissing Colin (poor Colin LOL) She was good B-
Weekend Update: Colin jokes were pretty low tonight. I was dreading the
idea that Norm would have something to do with this, but thank God he
didn't! Definitely a low WU. C-
Overall, the two side sketches in the update balanced out Colin's attempt
tonight. C+

Dr Dre/Snopp Doggy Dogg: I don't say a word! Not one f---king word! I
didn't listen, didn't care! But I can tell you right now F (who can stand
this crap?? Music?? Whatever!)

The McMullans Argue at Halloween: This got better as it went on. Cheri
cracked me up. Norm wasn't all that bad either. The insults were great. The
ending was funny when they took him off to jail and Cheri was pleading with
the police not to take him because she loved him. Not too shabby. B

Michael Jackson Drowns his Sorrows: Tim as Jackson and Jimmy as Stern was
great. But the whole concept of the sketch was dumb. It looked like they
had no idea what they were doing or saying. There was no structure. It was
odd and the audience hardly cracked a laugh! D

Dr Dre/Eminem: NO! NO! NO! WHY! WHY! WHY! Just sick and wrong! F

Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio: By this point I had already lost interest
in the show and knew this was the last sketch and couldn't bare a "10 minute
curse" with Norm involved. Oh, the thought, the pain, the misery! (yes,
drama major here!! LOL) Will made me laugh with his psychotic looks
throughout the sketch..and I got to where I was just paying attention to
that. I blocked Norm out of my mind! D

Chess for Girls: Hello, old commerical! Simple concept, not overly funny.
Maybe because I've seen it a million times but decent enough. B

Overall: Okay, do I need to say what I thought?? Well, I'll tell you
anyway, just to make all you Norm-lovers out there more pissed at me! :) LOL
This was the worst SNL ever made!! First of all, Chris Kattan and Horatio
Sanz were non-existent! Okay, that's just wasn't something to do to make me
get on SNL side! Second of all, have you noticed I loathe Norm? Loathe him,
and if you disagree, deal with it! And third, Dr. Dre, Mr. Dogg and M and M
(I know that's not his name, but really..do I care??)I hope that they never
come back on SNL again! Granted, there were some great and solid sketches
(and yes, some of them had Norm in them!), but that didn't make up for the
horror of the rest of the show! It was definitely a Halloween episode! Just
another note, I thought it was just amazing that Norm acually showed up for
curtain call..since he never ever did as a cast member, for whatever his
reasons were. And I thought that Savion Glover rocked! Should've let him
tap than those three...whatever! I'll shut up now and get prepared for the
email that I'm bound to have about what horrible person I am and that I have
no sense of music or comedy and that I'm an idiot (so hey, I just said it
all here, so please spare me the insults..)It's just my opinion and mine
alone..and I will respect yours..just respect mine! And so with all that
said and done, and two solid sketches under the belt... D-

That's my review, and you better believe I'm stickin' to it!!!!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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