Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

[OPENING] Rudy Giuliani makes a World Series bet
This was funny, especially saying how the Braves SUCK! We all hate the Braves, just admit it! 8/10.

[MONOLOGUE] Norm Macdonald
This was so funny because he was talking about how NBC wanted to fire him and how he's not funny, just the cast is really bad. 9/10.

[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo
Ana is always great as Martha. It's so funny on how creative (!?) she's supposed to be. 8/10.

[SKETCH] Great Moments in Yankee History
This was hilarious. It was short but sweet. 9/10.

[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy!
I think this is the best recurring sketch the show has. Turd Ferguson was hilarious. Did anyone notice they had new podiums this year? Anyway, "Suck it Trebek!" 10/10.

[SKETCH] NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is Too Thin?
This was really funny too. Ana's character was so funny how she was trying to look really skinny. But the most funny thing was Rachel Dratch's Calista Flockhart. It was only her face, but she was funny. 9/10.

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
Hooray! I loved Larry King's News and Views when it was on. It's wacky!!! 9/10.

[CARTOON] Fun with Real Audio
Isn't this the last one? I heard the last TV Funhouse was supposed to be the season premiere but it was delayed. This one wasn't as funny as others. 7/10.

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
More! It's so funny how he pauses for a long time and then moves really quickly to the next camera view. Not as funny as the first one, though. 8.5/10.

The jokes were okay, but WEEKEND UPDATE'S THE MILLENIUM was hilarious! Events that never occured was too funny! Lucille Ball gets the electric chair by Cap'n Crunch...that one got me! 9/10.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
I hate rap...4/10.

[SKETCH] The McMulluns argue at Halloween
This one was very funny too. "...who ya gonna call? Toothbrushers!" 9/10.

[SKETCH] Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows
I don't really like the Michael Jackson anymore, but still gotta give em credit (Tim Meadows, not Michael Jackson). 7/10.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Eminem
Little better than before. 6.5/10.

[SKETCH] Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio
He just kept interrupting Norm as Reynolds. Funny, funny. 8/10.

[COMMERCIAL] Chess for Girls
Funny idea for a game. 8/10.

Episode Review written by Alex Carroll

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