Norm Macdonald / Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg & Eminem
October 23, 1999

[OPENING] Rudy Giuliani makes a World Series bet
This proves further just how talented Hammond is. He is a fantastic
impressionist, and his Giuliani is no exception. Lots of laughs here.
Grade: B+

[MONOLOGUE] Norm Macdonald
One word: EXCELLENT! Right on the money. He really went right into the
meat of the issue concerning his firing, wasting no time, complete with a
"God damn..." I don't know WHY the audience booed when Norm said the show
sucked because he was only joking anyway (or was he after all?). Well it
doesn't matter because I love Norm!
Grade: A+

[SKETCH] Martha Stewart Living promo
The laughs were kind of spaced out here, but it was okay.
Grade: C+

[SKETCH] Great Moments in Yankee History
Short and funny. And it included Norm. What else could I ask for?
Grade: A

[SKETCH] Celebrity Jeopardy
I usually like Celebrity Jeopardy because of Ferrel's Trebeck impression,
and this time around I love it because of Ferrel and Norm's Burt Reynolds.
Pretty much all of the exchanges between the celebrity guests and Trebeck
were highlights (especially everything Norm said!).
Grade: B+

[SKETCH] NBC Crosstalk: How Thin is Too Thin?
This was weird. But not too weird for it to be funny, especially toward the
end. And we finally got to see Rachael Dratch, who was amusing as Calista
Flockhart. It may have run just a little too long. (Funny: "Actually, I
died six months...now I'm at the weight I've always wanted to be.")
Grade: B-

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
Although Norm's Larry King impersonation is not what I remembered it to be,
I thought this was a thrill to watch, especially when he just stared at the
camera for a long time, then jerked himself around to look at another angle.
Him going from camera to camera with that dramatic music was cool. I'm
going to be saying these lines for months. (Funny: "Margerine is great,
but nothing beats the real deal....(long pause)....BUTTER!")
Grade: B

[CARTOON] Fun with Real Audio
I don't know about this one. A lot more political than funny. Probably a
lot more messages in it than I picked up on. But definitely not Smigel's
best "Fun with Real Audio."
Grade: C

[SKETCH] Larry King's News and Views
I was very surprised they did this again. I can understand the audience's
reaction (which was a polite response) because it can get tedious after a
while. But I liked the coffee bit.
Grade: C+

What a disappointly blown opportunity by not incorporating Norm into this
somehow! Speaking of things that blow, ALL of Colin's jokes and both of the
specials. What a waste.
Grade: D-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
Although I am not a fan of Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg, this song was not as bad
as some of the other ones SNL has had on for a musical performance.
Grade: C-

[SKETCH] The McMulluns argue at Halloween
This was so awful that it was actually amusing to watch. But ONLY because
it had Norm in it, wearing that ridiculous costume which he obviously
thought was stupid. I loved it when he laughed during the skit at the fact
that he actually agreed to do it, and when he forgot his line and just said
"good luck." He really is a terrible actor, and that's what I like about
him. Replace Norm with, say, Chris Kattan and this sketch would have
received a solid F.
Grade: C-

[SKETCH] Michael Jackson drowns his sorrows
This was as stupid as the last sketch, but no where near as amusing to
watch. I liked Meadows' screwed-up lines (what else is new, right?), and of
course Norm's appearance.
Grade: D+

[MUSICAL GUEST] Dr. Dre featuring Eminem
Whole bunch of swears here. I actually enjoyed this song.
Grade: B-

[SKETCH] Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio
It's about time they made fun of that Bravo thing. This wasn't bad. I
liked Norm's Eastwood impersonation and of course Ferrel as Lipton. ("Neatly
trimmed beard...").
Grade: B

[COMMERCIAL] Chess for Girls
Well this was obviously filler material. It was okay the first time I saw
it, but I would rather have heard one of Norm's stories here.
Grade: C

Overall: Wow, they really used Norm a lot in this episode. Which is a good
thing of course. I was very excited about Norm's hosting the show and for
the most part the evening did not disappoint. A lot of laughs. The best
part was the monologue and the worst was Update and the fact they didn't put
Norm in there. Although it did kind of slow down in the middle around
Update, the beginning was solid and it contained more than enough of Norm
for me to give this episode the best grade so far of the season. (I love
Grade: B

Episode Review written by Adam Cortright

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