Joshua Jackson / 'N Sync
March 11, 2000

I am by no means a teenager, but I thoroughly was
delighted that Joshua Jackson & 'NSYNC were on SNL
this week. I do watch Dawson's Creek and since their
"Bye, Bye, Bye" video have come to like 'NSYNC too. I
actually had my friends Tracy & Holly watching with me
this time, and it added to the enjoyment of it. (Holly
is a big 'NSYNC fan so it helped me enjoy them even

COLD OPENING (Darrell, Chris P., Tim & Molly):
--Brokaw, Rather, Shaw & Shannon discuss 2000
presidential race Bush vs. Gore.
--I'm not too big on politics, and I have to admit
that the only political stuff I truly pay attention to
is from SNL. Politics bore me (and seeing who is left
in the presidential race I can totally understand).
--Chris Parnell's Tom Brokaw is awesome!! "Game over
man, game over!"
--"The Boys at CNN are crapping their pants..."
--I loved when they cut over to Bernard Shaw that he
was listening to "Let's Get It On" with his red
jammies on.
Grade: B+

MONOLOGUE (Joshua Jackson):
--Joshua Jackson did great--he seemed very comfortable
up there.
--I was happy to see that he was able to do his
monologue without any cast or audience member
interfering with him and I thought that the "Jason
Priestly/Color Me Badd, Kirk Cameron/Frankie Goes to
Hollywood, John Travolta/Abba & Epstein/Foghat" thing
was funny.
Grade: A

--Already saw it before.
Grade: N/A

Chris K., Tracy, Cheri, Rachel, Joshua, Ana & Jimmy):
--Darrell does a great Regis voice.
--Tracy is so funny as Star Jones. ("I'd rather work
with you 'cause you're cute like that little Lucky
Charms man.")
--I loved Chris Kattan as the stage manager/producer.
His laugh was funny.
--Cheri is always great as Barbara.
--Rachel as Janeane--I thought her bit was funny, but
could have been closer to Janeane's voice.
--Joshua as Donny Osmond--LOVED the teeth, I thought
he was good.
--Ana as Darva--I am so sick of Darva but I thought it
was funny. Best line was when Reg said "You know
Darva, I'd like to hire you but under NY state law you
are a HOOKER!"
--Jimmy as Chris Rock--When I saw it was Jimmy I
screamed. He was so good!! He didn't look like him too
much, but he had his voice, act and mannerisms down.
He was unbelievable!! ("I ain't waking up at 7 a.m. to
fake laugh at some cruise ship stories...yeah, and
that's my FINAL ANSWER!!")
Grade: A

WEDDING SINGERS (Joshua & Molly, Horatio & Will):
--When I heard them announce "Wedding Singers" I
thought it might be more like the movie, but I guess I
was wrong.
--The funniest part of this skit was Horatio singing
"Must have been something you saaaiiiid".
--Will's "As soon as we got your check, we blew it,
HARD!" was funny too.
--It was a good concept, but was more yelling than
funny. (Although Will & Horatio's hair was hilarious!)
Grade: B-

7 DEGREES CELSIUS & NO REFUND (Cheri & Ana, Chris P.,
Chris K., Jimmy, Horatio, Will, Joshua, & 'NSYNC)
--I love these skits!!
--Cheri "They've got me 8 degrees horny"
--Chris Kattan as Samm ("Shout out to my stylist Art
Cortez who gave me the 1st frizz-free perm I've ever
had.") That hair is too funny!
--Jimmy as Wade & Joshua as Jerry, president of his
fan club. ("When somebody else is doing a solo I'm
just, you know, bored, but then you start singing and
I see a musical Jesus or something and I just want to
follow you.") Loved Joshua's Wade shirt.
--Horatio as Sweet T (always funny) best line: "The
reason I have been struggling with some of my
choreographies is not because I maybe 34 but because
my son dropped one of those really big cans of chicken
broth on my foot."
--'NSYNC as No Refund--they totally take the cake in
this skit--they were hilarious!! I loved how they all
had a different hat (& Justin's hair net!!) and the
"like a hungry pig, snort-snort" part of "Super Size
It". Very funny!
Grade: A

COLLEGE GUYS & LESBIANS (Horatio, Chris P., Tim,
Jimmy, Joshua, Ana, Rachel & Cheri):
--College guys watch "If These Walls Could Talk Too"
and one comes home after it is over, so he uses his
last wish from an old Indian woman to produce 2
lesbians to watch live, only he forgets to say "hot
--This was a funny concept, but I felt it could have
been a little funnier.
--Chris Parnell was the funniest one, but I loved
everyone getting grossed out.
--Ana's line "The way the morning light catches your
whisker..." was funny (and gross) & Tim's line "This
thing is giving me a hard OFF!" was good.
--Loved Tim's Ed Grimley dance & Jimmy's butterfly
dance at the end.
Grade: B

WEEKEND UPDATE (Colin Quinn & Kevin Brennan):
--Colin was his usual self--I like him as anchor and
that face he makes after each joke.
--I'm not sure who Kevin Brennan is, but I thought his
whole editorial was great, especially the "I count Al
Gore's when I can't sleep at night" and the part about
how Bush doing an "excellent job at keeping the
Viet-Kong out of Dallas." I also loved his whole Vote
for Me bit & being a "applause whore".
Grade: A

--Like I said before, I like this song and their
dancing is really cool to watch. (usually I skip the
musical acts but I enjoyed watching them.) Loved it.
Grade: A+

LET'S TALK BOOKS (Tim, Will, Joshua & Ana):
--Tim, Will, Joshua & Ana all get major kudos for
pulling this one off--and without a snicker amongst
--This was so funny!! My favorites were the "Holden &
Sharon Dix" and "Tiger's Revenge by Claude Balls"
Grade: A+

DEERFIELD ACADEMY (Will, 'NSYNC, Joshua, Jimmy, Cheri,
Chris P., Darrell & fake Statler Bros):
--Wow! 'NSYNC in two skits!! They were good in this
--Cheri's hair & makeup alone is the whole skit. And
that goofy-ass smile she has on her face the whole
time is worth watching. That eyebrow!! ("Easy Trapper
John, these are all legit!!", "anycrap")
Grade: A

YEARS (?, Horatio):
--This was a little out there, but I totally get it--I
liked the concept. The best part of the whole thing
was Armstrong talking to the moon saying "Oh you sweet
bitch, you ruined me for anything else!"
Grade: B

--I like these a cappella songs.
Grade: A

LAWNBOY SKIT: (Joshua, Ana & Will)
--I guess this falls into the last skit of the night
curse. Nothing here was funny, but they all did a
great job acting.
Grade: C-

Overall rating: A-
This was a strong show, and I love it when they
incorporate the musical guest into the skits too.
(Anyone remember Sebastian Bach from Skid Row singing
his ABC's in a skit?) Joshua was a first-rate actor,
and I didn't notice any bad blunders on anyone's part.
Cheri as Collette Reardon was the funniest thing to
me--and 'NSYNC's "No Refund" had me loving that.

Best Impression Award: Jimmy Fallon as Chris Rock!! I
know I love this guy, but he really amazed me at Chris
Rock. He was awesome!!

Episode Review written by Jody Kanner

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