Joshua Jackson / 'N Sync
March 11, 2000

OVERVIEW: I was excited to see that Joshua Jackson was
hosting, but I was a little sad that they marketed
this episode for teeny boppers. For some reason I
find "Bye, Bye, Bye" entertaining, so I was also
somewhat excited for N'Sync.

OPENING: I really enjoyed this. Darrell, Chris, and
Tim were great. I love Chris Parnell, and his Brokaw
is dead-on as is Darrel's Koppell. "Let's Get It On"
in the background at Bernard's Shaw's place was great,
and the sketch was only ruined by Molly Shannon's
appearance. After seeing her really play herself, I
realize that every other skit she's been in, she just
plays an exaggerrated Molly Shannon.
Rating: 7.5/10

MONOLOGUE:I thought Joshua Jackson showed great
enthusiasm, and this was a funny idea [Jason Priestly
and Color Me Badd-:)], but it would have been funny if
this monologue had been longer and branched out with
the jokes.
Rating: 7.5/10

of? I don't get it, but Will, Ana, and Chris are
perfect as commerical actors.
Rating: 5/10

NO MORE KATHIE LEE!: First of all, who is sad to hear
that Kathie Lee is leaving the show, and second of
all, who watches the Regis and Kathie Lee show?
However, this skit was great! Darrell has Regis down:
the facial exprssions, voice, side comments are all
excellent. Tracy Morgan's Star Jones was funny,
especially the crack about her co-stars on The View,
and Cheri's Barbara Walters is great. I also enjoyed
how the writers spoofed Janeanne Garafolo (appearance
on Letterman, Craig Kilborne, Ben Stiller movie...),
and the writers also did a great job with the Chris
Rock jokes. Joshua was great as Donny Osmond and
Jimmy's Chris Rock was pretty good too.
RATING: 9/10

80'S WEDDING SINGER: The Cutting Crew Song was the
only laughable thing about this sketch. Otherwise it
was boring, slow, and not funny.
RATING: 4.5/10

7 DEGRESS CELSIUS TOUR: The premise was very funny,
and I love all of the members, especially Horatio as
34-year old Sweet T. (There always seems to be an
older guy in those boy bands). Joshua Jackson was
funny as Wade's devoted fan--he actually seems like a
versatile actor. N'Sync was okay too, but it was
obvious that they were in the sketch just for the sake
of putting the musical guest in something that was
right up their alley. I mean, they were almost doing
a parody of themselves.
RATING: 8/10

REAL LIFE LADY LOVERS: I was not a big fan of this
one, because it is sort of offensive and Rachel's
hair, the whisker line, and the stunts w/yogurt were
all incredibly sickening, but this skit had its
moments. Chris Parnell as always was hilarious.
RATING: 6/10

WEEKEND UPDATE: I enjoy Colin overall, and I thought
this week's update was good but too short. I like
political jokes, but these ones were too cliched. I
love his George W. Bush jokes, and I thought Kevin
Brennan was pretty good but not very original.
RATING: 7/10

N'SYNC: As I said before, I think this song is pretty
entertaining, and I enjoyed the dancing, but the
singing is bland. It's too late for the members of
N'Sync to actually establish themselves as
praiseworthy artists, so it's fun to enjoy songs like
this while they last.
RATING: 8.5/10

GREAT BOOKS: If the writers at SNL have to plagarize,
they should at least steal better material than this.
This sketch was slow, boring, and most of all, it's
been done before (Schweaty Balls w/Alec Baldwin...).
Sketches with easy punchlines like this one must have
been written for the N'Sync fans who were watching the
show,b/c I can't imagine that anyone else would want
to hear these childish jokes.
RATING: 3.5/10

recurring charater of Cheri's, but I had only really
seen it one other time. It was much more enjoyable
this time, and I am starting to like this character.
"We're into the Backstreet Boys"--N'Sync member
"Eddie Hirohito...Good kid, GOOD KID!"--Collette
"This is just your every day Nebutol!"-Cheri
Josh also did a good job. N'Sync was tolerable, and I
acutally enjoy seeing the musical guests appear in
RATING: 9/10

people, I like Adam McKay movies. Both this movie and
the one about Glenn Frye were odd and sort of sick but
funny. I liked the astronaut jokes (Neil scoffs at a
space show, Tang), and Horatio's drugstore character
was funny. The old people in bed concept was as gross
as Glenn aka Will Ferrell making out w/Ben Stiller's
cheek. I also loved MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!
RATING: 8.5/10

N'SYNC: This was just terrible. Without the dancing
and the fast-paced song, N'Sync pretty much sucks.
This wasn't even laughable, it was just bad.
RATING: 3/10

ORGY SKETCH: I heard that this family is actually a
recurring character. I don't know how far they can
take this sketch. The idea mainly serves for the last
sketch of the show when there is a young host. It was
okay for a last sketch, and I thought the acting was
surprisingly good.
RATING: 5/10

REVIEW: I thought this was a good episode, although it
went for easy teeney bopper jokes too often. Joshua
Jackson proves that he can be very funny. I enjoyed
N'Sync more than the Backstreet Boys and Garth Brooks
(I'm not sure if that's a compliment). Of the
episodes I have seen, I would have to say my favorites
are still the Danny DeVito/R.E.M. episode and the Ben
Affleck/Fiona Apple episode. This one was one of my
favorites, however, and in my mind, any episode is
better than the Heather Graham incident.

Episode Review written by Elaine M.

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