Joshua Jackson / 'N Sync
March 11, 2000

I was really looking forward to tonight's episode. I finished my finals (it
was a slight miracle, yes!) and I survived the first 24 hours of my parents
visiting. So I sat down thinking I deserved this little hour and a half to
enjoy myself and to laugh and just relax. I tried not to go into the show
pre-judged since I'm not a fan of Dawson Creek or N'SYNC.

Well, let's see how it faired (hmm...it you can call it that!)

News Anchormen Talk: Darrell and Parnell were great! They have such awesome
impressions! I laughed out loud with Tim's musical background and about died
when they all started ripping on each other..that was classic! It was slow
at first which had me second guessing the show, but once it ended I was
feeling hopeful. B

Monologue: Josh was totally talking to me! Like I said above, I'm not much
of a fan of either, so I decided to take his advice and go with it. He
promised a great show, and although not too much on the comic aspect of a
monologue it went well. B

Antibaterical Hamburger Helper: Okay, so either make new ones or just cut
the whole thing all together. This didn't do much for me then, why should it
have affect now?? It didn't..get rid of it! D

Kathie Lee Replacement Auditions: Two things first, Darrell's impression
rocked and I was happy to see Kattan :) I love Tracy's Starr Jones, it
always makes me laugh and I screamed out loud when Jimmy came on in black
face as Chris Rock. I thought that it was going a little bit extreme, but
whatever, that's my opinion! Anyway...what's with those hands, Jimmy?? STOP
MOVING THEM SO MUCH!! Okay, back to the sketch itself. Tracy and Jimmy were
the best in this sketch. Josh was great too! He cracked me up as Donny
Osmond...I was impressed. Cheri's Walters is getting old so damn fast! It
needs to just stop..or be updated for crying out loud! Walters has had a
little make-over. Rachel's Janeane was HORRIBLE!!! And what the hell was it
about anyway?? That like came out of nowhere! It was just stupid! They
definitely stretched too far for this sketch! C-

Musicians at Wedding: I laughed for one reason, the Cutting Crew song (and
only JV knows why!) Otherwise I wanted to tear my hair out! What in the
world was this?? It was like a bad rip off of "The Wedding Singer" which
mind you is years old now..kinda late, boys! This was horrible! What else
can I say but bad, bad, bad! Good God. F

7 Degrees Celsuis: Yay! I always love this sketch and hope they still do
more! Cheri and Ana had me rolling as usual. I thought Josh was too funny
for words and of course the guys were awesome! N'SYNC's "song" was
hilarious! I was crying I was laughing so hard. It was quite comical! The
thing I didn't like about the sketch is the fact that they didn't have 7
degrees sing anything and Wade's hair was way too out of control :) A

The Frat House Sketch: Oh, this was typical guy and typically dumb! It
played into stupid stereotypes and just made me ill! I would have to say to
those that wrote this sketch...GET A NEW JOB!! I have to say that this is
one of the worst sketches I have ever seen! I thought it was low and so
annoying! F

Weekend Update: Colin- After getting past the slow election jokes, it turned
out to be a good night for Colin. He did have his "down" jokes, but of
course, his facial expressions and comments made up for it. I loved the
cracks on Kathie Lee, Mardi Gras and the final one on Clinton (that was
awesome). Election Commentary- Okay, who the hell was this?? This was just
too boring for me. I thought it was dumb and just plain stupid! I didn't
think it was worth anything since Colin covered the elections
earlier..Hello, let's try not to repeat ourselves too much! D. Overall- take
out the election stuff and there is a pretty solid update (and I mean the
repetitiveness of the election stuff and the pace of the jokes..I know they
have to parody election stuff, it woudn't be SNL if they didn't!) The
commentary needed to GO! Colin needs to just keep smiling and cracking
comments and I will be happy! C

Musical Guest/N'SYNC: Had to skip..sorry! N/A

Let's Talk Books: Downright immature and childish...and I loved every
second of it! I totally laughed out loud through out the whole sketch (first
time tonight that I have!) This kind of reminded me of the Xmas Delicious
Dish sketch way back when. It just cracked me up..it was so 10 year old! A

Collette Reardon: OMG, this was great! Two good sketches in a row...WOW,
some notify the presses! This character has always been one of my favorites
though. It was kinda cool N'SYNC was in this one too. And I had to laugh at
the Backstreet Boy comment. Cheri rocked! B+

The Ohio Years/Adam McKay Short Film: I wanted to scream and cry. I can NOT
believe the horror of this crap!! What the hell is this person smoking?? And
I can not even began to understand why Lorne would show this horrid mess on
screen!!! IT WAS AWFUL!!!! I despised it, loathed it and just wanted to
purge with pure hatred for this piece of worthless waste! It's this kind of
crap that makes me want to turn my back on SNL....HORRORS!!! HELL!!! HOLY
SH---! (How many F's can I use to explain what I really think??)
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF....(that works..and on a side note, this
is the mother of 10 minute curses, although it wasn't techincally the last
sketch, it sure the hell should have been!)

Musical Guest/N'SYNC: Sorry, had to skip out againg! N/A

Threesome Couple: Okay, not as bad as the "Ohio Years" (see above!) but
still fits the title..just like last time. It was so bad back in October
why in the world would they bring it back? This time it was worse..just
plain dumb! I mean it wasn't even offensive, just STUPID! D

Overall: Okay, this was a HORRIBLE show! I was totally hoping for a better
one..after my friend's encouragment and Josh's monologue I was actually
thinking I would enjoy it. And the fact they had some time off to think and
maul things over and rest...this looked like some one pulled it out of a
dumpster. It reeked! It was AWFUL!! There were only two or three solid
sketches, and I did laugh and enjoy them, but it doesn't make up for the
HORROR I saw otherwise! This is the episode that Lorne should go back and
look at and fire, fire, fire..especially that short film guy (YUCK!) Oh, I
can not even begin to tell you the hatred I feel for the episode without
getting my ass in trouble! So I will turn to next week's episode..I don't
know anything The Rock, so it will make for a quite interesting show and
probably review LOL But next Saturday, everything in my life will be on a
calmer plane..no parents, no finals..complete bliss. And so with that in
mind and the true feeling I have provided for you on this episode I will
grade this episode, calling it the second worse this season (you all know
what I thought the worst was) D

That's my review and I'm stickin' to it!

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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