Joshua Jackson / 'N Sync
March 11, 2000

Hello fellow SNL fans. I'm only reviewing this episode because I had the good fortune to attend the taping of it. On with the review.

OPENING SKIT: This was pretty good, I love Darrell Hammond's Koppel impression. Parnell's Brokaw was pretty damn funny as well. Tim Meadow's Shaw was alright, though the whole bit with Molly Shannon wasn't quite that funny. 6.5/10

OPENING MONOLOUGUE: This was alright, Joshua (hereby refered to as JJ) seemed very comfortable, and I respect the fact that he actually did a monolougue, nothing else happened, no one interrupted (like the Freddie Prinze, Jr. or Jamie Foxx episode.) 5/10

COMMERCIAL: This was pretty damn funny, even though it already aired a few episodes back. Best line: "It stings a little at first, but then it's really good!"

LIVE WITH REGIS AND...: Not only was this the best skit of the night, it was the funniest skit I've seen in a looooong time. Darrell Hammond (my favorite castmember) did and excellent Regis as usual. Cheri Oteri did a dead-on Walters, as always....SNL should win an Emmy for their make up job. Tracy Morgan did a hilarious Star Jones, he needs to be on the show more often. JJ also showed his range by doing a very good Donny Osmand. However, the highlight of the skit was Jimmy Fallon's (my favorite castmember, along with Hammond) Chris Rock. I've heard him immitate him on late night shows, but never seen him actually portray him on SNL. Not only did he sound JUST like him, but the things he said were very Chris Rock-like. 9.5/10

THE WEDDING SINGERS: I didn't really like this skit that much. Probably in part because SNL puts Will Ferrell on the show WAAAAAAAY too much. I mean, he's funny and all, but he's in almost every damn skit of every show! They need to devote more attention to Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan. 3/10

ON THE ROAD W/ 7 DEGREES CELSIUS: This (like most of SNL nowadays) was alright. Cheri and Ana didn't do as good a job as they did on the Freddie Prinze Jr. episode, but for some reason, I STILL laugh at Parnell, Sanz, Fallon and Kattan's boy-band impressions, they're right on. Placing *Nsync in the skit was a mistake. 5/10

LESBIANS: This skit was mad funny! I was cracking up at it the whole time! Ana and Rachel did a great job, and Rachel showed her range again. All the guys were good too, although my favorite was Chris Parnell. Definately one of the best skits of the night! 8/10

WEEKEND UPDATE: Seemed a bit short, got better towards the end. Colin did a good job, and Kevin Brennan, whoever he is, was also rather good. Is he like a new castmember, or a guest castmember, or what?

*NSYNC: I don't like them. They dont' write they're own songs. 0/10

LET'S TALK BOOKS: This was also mad funny! Even though some of the jokes were cliched (I.P. Freely), they were still hilarious. One of the best moments was the book on gays by Michael Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzmichael. Choo Sum Wang was also pretty good. 8/10

COLLETTE REARDON: I [expletive deleted]-ING HATE THIS CHARACTER!!! Out of all the reccuring characters, I hate this one the most, even more than Mary Katherine Gallagher (yes, you heard me, I HATE M.K.G.) Actually, when I think about it, most of SNL's reccuring characters suck now (Mango, M.K.G., Collette, etc.) The only semi-funny ones are that couple played by Jimmy and Rachel, forget they're names. Anyway, this skit was horrible and I dont' know why they chose to put *Nsync in it. 0/10

NEIL ARMSTRONG: This was a good idea, unfortunately the execution wasn't all that great. I don't know what's up with short films, first the Ben Stiller one in the Alan Cumming episode, now this. I didn't like this because even though it was funny, it had nothing to do with Saturday Night Live, or very little, for that matter. 3/10

*NSYNC: They were ok this time, they do have good voices, however the song wasn't that good. Again, they dont' write their own songs. 3/10

THREESOME: This skit first occured in the Heather Graham Episode, and it's no better now. I dont' quite get the concept of it, but there were a few good lines, which brought up the overall score of the sketch. Just good thing they didn't put Nsync in it. 4/10

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This episode was overall alright. While it did have it's share of bad skits, there were a few skits that really stood out, which is rare for SNL nowadays. I am glad that I was among the first people to see Jimmy Fallon immitate Chris Rock on SNL. A good, but not great, episode.

Episode Review written by MaGnUm232

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