Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

W. Bush Gore

This was disappointing. It was funny when they were
describing each other's similarities, but the ending
ruined the whole thing.



This was pretty good, actually. I loved Will's phone
and Chris's present.


Little Critters

This was as good as "Oops I Crapped My Pants"! I
screamed when the girl kissed her horsey. And they
stayed in character & had a straight face; that's the
most important part.


Sexy Couple on a Plane

Graham really shined in here! Oteri & Kattan did
great as usual, but Heather outdid them all. And I
also love this couple.


Ladies' Man

I knew they were gonna bring out Rollergirl. I loved
her Boobula speech. But it could have been better
without Tim whispering "porno".


Hans & Franz: Where are they now?

This wasn't great, but it's good to see Carvey &
Nealon, though. Maybe Carvey wanted to make up for not
being at the anniversary.


VH1 NetAid coverage

This was the sour point of the show. It wasn't the
concept, it was the negativity that bothered me. It
looked like the actors didn't care about it, which
made more depressing. And you can tell they're
recycling the tired Jewel bit from the Jon Lovitz


Weekend Update

This was the best of the night and Colin's best
Update ever! I applauded him when he told Mr. Lewinsky
to go "George Michael himself" and when he said "had a
Lewinsky" with no fear. Jasmine and Sanz were great,
too. I loved the Spanish comedy bit.


Marc Anthony

It was alright, but- this isn't about this
performance- I'm pretty steamed about what some critic
said about Anthony. That he's a young Frank Sinatra; I
think whoever said that probably never HEARD a Sinatra
song! What on earth does Anthony have do with
Sinatra?! Nothing!! Anthony's closer to Ricky Martin
than Sinatra! What an idiot! (that critic is)


Dog Show

This was Graham's best performance tonight. And I
also really love this sketch. "Maybe I'm losing my
love for you because you like men." "Maybe I do, and
maybe I do"


Blair Witch Project Spoof Foundation

This didn't make much sense. Maybe they set it up
that way to show how desperate they are or something.
(Or maybe the writers are charging top dollar for it)
Besides, the SNL people are professionals; what do
they need an excuse for?

Marc Anthony

See above.

After the threesome

It wasn't a laugh riot, but I found it interesting of
setting one of those silly erotic fantasies to
reality. I could see it: cute babysitter, wife,
"experimenting". And it's not how you would imagine


Episode Review written by Warren Webber

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