Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore
Ok, at first i was like "oh this is gonna be bad" but then it got funny in the middle and then got bad again. Darrell did a good job but i think he has done better.

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham
It was pretty funny, but they all got too perverted for me. the present thing was funny though.

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters
This was so funny. i loved it. and when they made the molds of the animals i was laughing so hard.

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane
I hate these guys but this one was pretty funny. will and chris kissing was a little weird. the best was when heather was saying that she droped her peanuts and will was like "well pick them up"

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man
sorry, didn't get to see this one. i was babysitting and i was being driven home while this one was on.

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?
see above

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage
this was good. it seemed like the audience didn't really get it though. the impresion of cane was great!

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
I always thought Colin was really bad at weekend update but in the past 9 months or so he's gotten a lot better. he had a lot of good stories and the thing with the little girl was so great! Horatio's thing was cool too.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
sorry but i'm not a fan of pop music or latin music.

[SKETCH] Dog Show
I'm glad they brought it back. MR. BOJANGLES ROCKS!!!!!! i liked this one but it wasn't thier best.

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation
At first i was like "good thier not gonna do a blair witch thing". i think it was pretty clever how they did it. the little boy was funny.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
i don't like him.

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion
This was stupid, i think they should really stop doing the gross stuff like this. i wasn't funny at all. but then again all of the last sketches of the night suck.

All together it was a good show. minus the musical guest and one sketch it was great. i'm not a fan of heather graham so i thought it would suck but it didn't at all. i can't wait till next week when norm is hosting. i'm gonna go try to get stand by on saturday so wish me luck!!!!!!!

Episode Review written by SNLgrl04

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