Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore-Good cold opening, nothing great. I expected Horatio Sanz's part to be funnier but as usual Darrell Hammond's impersonation's were flawless. -------B-------

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham-very funny way to showcase Heather Graham's looks, although she really cant act. Very clever and one of the better monologue's of the last year.----A------

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters- Usual gross out SNL commercial spoof. Not as good as assjet or cookie dough sport but still a good chuckle.-----B+--------

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane-----As usual Kattan and Oteri work well together although the skit idea is getting a little old. The writers do a good job of putting them in different settings which makes it a little different every time. But please Lorne, no Sex Crazed Couple Movie next year.------A-------

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man-All I can say is Tim Meadows is the man, he is freakin hilarious every time he does this bit. I really got a good laugh out of the porno movies names.----A------

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?-Great sketch, as a fan of the old SNL's and a big Kevin Nealon fan this one really brought some great memories. I really liked the idea and it was executed very well by Nealon and Carvey.----A-----

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage----eeehhhh, nothing special here, good idea but making fun of VH1 is getting old. They should defineity try to make fun of MTV once because MTV is much worse than VH1. Anyway, Jimmy Fallons David Bowie was very funny and Tracy Morgan's Busta Rhymes was very funny but Kattan's Bono sucked compared to Adam Sandlers..-------C-------

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn-What an incredible Weekend Update. Quinn had some well written jokes especially the drunken senators joke. The correspondants with the 6 year old girl and Horatio Sanz was brilliant with his making fun of Telemundo. This was honestly one of Colin's best updates and he tears Norm to shreads. Next week should be interesting.----A+-------

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony-Hi, I'm Marc Anthony, I want to be like Ricky Martin, I really suck-----F- -----------

[SKETCH] Dog Show- Old, Old, Old, this wasn't very funny, if only SNL could stay away from this kind of stupid stuff. Shannon wasnt very funny and Ferrell tried but the material sucked. Heather Graham is really not much of an actress .-----D------

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation-Great, with all of the spoofs getting old this was a great way to put it together for SNL. This really made me laugh and Time Meadows and Lorne Michaels really work well together.---A----

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony---Hi, I'm Marc Anthony, I still sucked 20 minutes later-----F------

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion-2 weeks in a row with a very funny and entertaining final sketch. This was actually a well thought out and very funny final sketch. Parnell is definitely not my favorite cast member but this was a good role for him. Ana Gasteyer in my opinion is the best actress of the 3 females on the show.




Episode Review written by Scott Eisburg

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