Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999


Not very funny. But smart. I like the message in the end about how both
are lame ass candidates with no personality. But it didn't make me laugh



Heather Graham is HOT. But she was acting badly. Yet the monologue
ruled. Will was great ( and lucky but hey he is funny). The part where
he grabbed her boobs and the phone thing were funny as hell. And the
Parnell joke was wonderful.


Sex crazed couple

This time Heather acting did ruin the sketch. I laughed at the Ferrel
and Kattan kiss but it probably was shock more than a good joke. If
Ferrell and Heather had more chemistry or if Heather had acted better
then maybe it would have been better.


Ladies Man

The guy rules! It was hilarious. Heather was good but didn't acted well.
But Meadows was hilarious." Im talking about Pornos"


Hanz and Franz

It was weak but the 911 call made it worthwhile


VH1 Net Aid

It was bad. It had no point. Jewel impression was well made by Heather
(considering she was acting lousy) but the Bono and Bowie were imitated
well but had no point.


Weeken Update

Not weak like last time. Sanz imitated Sabado Gigante crappy comedians
marvelously. And Colin jokes were great. The thing with the kid was
very funny and didn't fail like I thought.

Dog Show

Heather finally got it and acted well. Ferrell was hilarious. But
Shannon sucked. Did the same thing everytime. Got a little Mary
Katherine fall for no reason but to show that she has no originality and
is the same thing every time. And that she sucks.
Otherwise great.


Blair Witch spoof foundation

The jokes weren't that good and there was a pointless scene in which
Heather and Lorne fought in the forest (I didn't see that movie) . But
the scene of the African Tribal women running , screaming imitating the
movie made my day. Just hilarious. Saved the sketch.


Post threesome discussion

Definetely like the idea. And Heather was great. I didn't like Gasteyer
but Parnell was wonderful. The babysitter joke was great. It endend
badly though. But great sketch and better if you take into account it
endend the show.



It was a great show. It even better if you take into account that
Heather Graham isn't a comedian and that she didn't act well. But more
if you take into account that the its the 25 anniversary. And that their
season premiere completely sucked. Almost every sketch sucked (the best
Jarvis security system didn't have Seinfeld). So SNL gets it together,
its exploits Heathers "assets" and makes you laugh and have faith that
the first show was a mistake and not the norm this historic season.


Episode Review written by Rafael Hernandez

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