Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

I hated the opening skit! It was not funny and I am tired of seeing political stuff done on the show every week. It's over kill. This skit gets an F-!!

I think Heather's monologue was funny. I was very surprised. I loved the part with Chris Parnell and the present. B+

Great commercial. I found myself laughing out loud. Who ever thought of this should be in the NASA program. A+

Sex Crazed Couple:
Funny but Gross. I found my self almost sick to my stomach after watching Ferrell and Kattan kiss, but the skit was very funny. A-

Ladies Man:
Again, over kill. Not funny, just average. C

Hanz and Franz:
This was funny, but after a while it was to long. They took something funny and made it bland at the end because it was just way to long. C

Net Aid:
This was great!!!!!!! I loved this skit, even though Ana gasteyer gets on my nerves with her one character acting range. Chris and Jimmy both did great jobs. A+

Weekend Update:
It was funny and very cleaver last night. I loved the part with the little girl and Colin. I think Colin is doing way better this season then last. A+

Marc Anthony:
I didn't know who he was before I saw the show, but I loved his music. A+

Dog Show:
Can this skit get any lamer? Hey, why not just make a movie called Dog Show so that can sink to! D-

Blair Witch Project:
This was a lame attempt to be cleaver. I found it insulting and Blair Witch is over. I guess SNL keeping up on the LATEST trends to make fun of is over also. F

Threesome Disc.:
This was lame. Oversexed with no peak of a joke. I am waiting for the punchline and there was none really, just some sorry attempts. SNL should know better and should put some time into what they write. The audience can tell when they are pulling a "lets just improv it" while using actors who can't do cleaver improvisation. F-

Overall, I think the show sucked. I think last season was week and I can see that this season isn't off to a good start either. I can't wait for Norm to host next week, at least I know that they show will contain humor. I am disappointed in SNL, it seems they have lowered there comical standards and I am waiting for Lorne to regain conciseness and take his once funny and delightful show back from the now tragically untalented writers.

Episode Review written by Oksana

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