Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Hey Everyone :) Nice to meet you guys. This is my first episode review, so bare w/ me. I think you'll notice something different from the rest of the reviews. I mark a little easier. Hehehe, I'm a softy, and the grades are probably going to be really high compared to the rest of the reviewers. But anyways, On With The Show!

{Cold Opening} Hehehe, well, ummmm not really. I guess it was sorta funny. But when Sanz came out of that bubble thing I started getting flashbacks of the movie Cacoon, and I was really scared of that movie. So I'm giving it a big C!

{Monologue} I guess one of the funnier monologues. You always know that when the SNLers help the guest out they couldn't do it on their own, but still it was really funny. Will was very cool, and that phone joke was very very funny. I'll give it a B+

{Commercial} Litter Critters? LoL All the way! That was so funny. Hehehe, I loved it when the girl put the whistle in her mouth! That was so sick but I loved it! Oteri rocks. Oh god, that was one of the better commercials. I'm giving it an A......Hmmmm.....Well I was really laughing hysterically. I guess I'll give it an A+

{Skit}Hehehe....Oteri and Kattan are awesome. I like those skits, and it doesn't really get old like a lot of them have been getting (ie. Morning Latte). It was a good skit, probably one of my favorite Skits of the night. It gets an A

{Skit}LoL, The Ladies Man was really funny tonight. It was cool, and I laughed, a lot. But did anyone else notice Heather pulling up her fly in the middle of the skit? Was that intentional or something??? I was cracking up. I'll give this a B+

{Skit} Hmmmmm......well this was mildly funny. I didn't watch SNL a lot back then, but Still, I know Hanz and Franz. It was funny, kinda of. I'll give it a C, but mind you, its only because I didn't watch SNL a lot back then.

{Skit}VH1 Netaid. Well, this one was cool. It wasn't really all that funny, but Ana Gasteyer was in it and she rocks. Just for that I'll give it a B

{Weekend Update} Ugh, Colin Quinn. I really don't like Weekend Update. It was ok tonight. That little 9 year old (Was she nine?) I felt bad for her cause I didn't know what was going on. The Telemundo thing was cool, Sanz was funny. I'll give this a solid C.

{Music Break} Marc Anthony. I like this song, his performance was cool. But I'm not a fan of the music breaks. I call them bathroom breaks. I'll give it a B-. Thats one of the higher grades I'll give for a music break.

{Skit} DOGSHOW!!! LoL, I've been waiting for a return of this skit. Some people find it stupid, while other people find it really really funny. I'm one of them. This skit was sooo good. I love Mr. Rocky Balboa! And Mr. Bojangles was really cool too. Will and Molly are awesome, and Heather was cool as well. Best skit of the night. A+!

{Skit} Message from SNL? Hmmmmmm.......not much really to say. I thought it was the Lamest skit of the night but still.......not like 2 weeks ago's Pizza Place skit. Boy did that suck. I'll give it a D.

{Music Break} Stupid.....I don't know the song. I honestly missed this one. I had to go Number 1. C-

{Skit}Threesome.....Hmmm......Really funny at the end. It was strange in the middle. I wasn't really laughing a lot. I'd give it a B- but Ana Gasteyer was in it so I'll give it a B.

{Best Skit of The Night} Dogshow......But Keep in mind, I loved Litter Critters and The couple was awesome too.

{Lamest Skit of the Night} Message from SNL. Just wasn't funny.

{Overall} This was one of the funnier episodes. I'm glad Dogshow came back, and I loved the Couple. SNL's commercials are still really funny. Soooo Hmmm......whats the average gonna be? I guess I'll give this episode an.....

Thats my story and I'm stickin to it :)!
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Episode Review written by Mark The Shark

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