Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

I was hoping that this would be a better episode than the season opener, which was pretty weak.

Opening- I didnt think this one was funny at all, it ran too long, and from this, I thought that this episode would be just as bad as the season opener, if not worse...

Monologue- funny (sort-of) guess you had to see Boogie Nights, which is a movie I liked =) Could have been better, but it was OK!

Litter Critters- this was really funny! If you have ever had to clean a litter box before...I couldnt stop laughing..."Whats that smell??" "It's the smell of fun!"

Zimmermans- this was ok, not the best from the Zimmermans though, I thought that the ones from last season were better, expecially the on from the Brenday Frasier episode when they were in the gym!

Ladies Man- this was OK, I get tired of the Ladies man though...I thought it was funny the first time but it seems to be the same every time...I liked how his afro was bigger than usual though!!

Hans and Franz- WTF? I liked Hans and Franz when they were on the show (Carvey and Nealon) but this was stupid!

Net Aid- this was pretty stupid, but it was funny how basicly no one was there!

WU- it was better than usual, I dont like Colin Quinn so I usually hate WU, but I thought it was funny when he was yelling at that kid!!

Musical Guest- didnt watch

Dog Show- I am one of the few who actually like Dog SHow, I thought it was funny and cute, those dogs always look really nervous or something...and of course Mr. Bojangles is really a girl!

Non- BWP Parody- this was stupid and long. Really boring.

Musical Guest- didnt watch it

Post 3 Some Discussion- the premise was OK, and some of the lines were ok, I liked how they said they had an "on-deck" circle...that was pretty funny.

Overall- this episode was average, it could have been better, some funny skits, but there still have a way to go...I'll give it a B- just for the major improvement.

Episode Review written by Lauren

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