Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore
...random and freakish. Pretty funny, though

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham
...hehehe! Now I've heard of guest hosts receiving gifts, but this was a bit extreme.

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters
...nasty! Pretty funny though!

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane
...damn! where do you find guys like Chris Kattan's character??!! I want one! Bye the by, his movie (I forget what it's called but it's some movie about a haunted house with Geoffrey Rush) opens like the 22nd or so I think of October. Really want to see that!

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man
This was funny. Gross, but funny as usual. Now I've never seen Boogie Nights, but I'm guessing that was Heather Graham's character from that cuz I heard her name was Rollergirl. Hehehe. What was that one that was not a porno but was still a "good movie"? Oh yeah, Meatballs. Never seen that either but it sounded appropriate there.

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?
Former stars need to make cameos more often I say! This was funny, it made them sound really gay, though. I liked the reading buttocks thing.

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage
Gay, gay, gay, but true, true, true of VH1. I used to be obsessed with VH1 but now I'm glad I'm never home!

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
This was a really funny update! I liked it when he yelled at that one girl. That was hilarious! And then Horatio Sanz doing that bit of Spanish from Telemundo...hehehe...I wonder if that counts for my Spanish class cuz we have to speak 90 minutes a month outside of class or watch Spanish TV. hehehe...I had to fast-forward through most of it cuz my parents were gone, but I watched the guests.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
Sorry, didn't watch this one. I would have, but I was grounded and my parents were out of the house for only a few minutes so I had to fast forward over it.

[SKETCH] Dog Show
hehe...Dog Show is my favorite sketch...for I am...MR BOJANGLES! But I'm really a girl! HAHAHA!!!

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation
Well I'm glad SNL "didn't do" a Blair Witch Parody. I must be the only idiot in the world who fell asleep watching that movie. I was so incredibly bored.

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
Fast-forwarded again...sorry

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion
This was hilarious...really nasty though...hehehe

Episode Review written by Iwillworship

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