Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Could it be anymore boring? I was lucky I kept my eyes open
through the whole thing. 1/10

[MONOLOGUE] Leather pants bad. Parnell was really funny though.
Heather Grahm can't act and it's just proof that she's a bimbo. 2/10

[LITTER CRITTERS] That one had me and my friends rolling on the floor.
It just goess to show you, poo is funny! 10/10

[HORNY COUPLE] This was a pretty good one. Kattan was great with the
blanket. And I about died laughing when Ferrell kissed Kattan! 8/10

[LADIE'S MAN] Well, I was kinda disapointed with Leon this time. His
character isn't what it used to be. It now reminds me of a cross
between Richard Simons and Medow's Oprah. And ever further proof that
Grahm is a bimbo. 5/10

[WHERE ARE THEY NOW] I'm guessing the writers ran low on coffee when
they came up with this one. Only recieved a mild chuckle from me when
they did their song. 4/10

[NETAID] Iwas about ready to turn off the TV. The stupid sketch lasted
too long and was extremely pointless. The writers that did that need to
be taken out to pasture and shot! 0/10

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Over all it was pretty good. Some of the jokes were a
little dry and Colin needs to get into character a little more, but I
enjoyed it. The best was when Colin debated against the little girl.
I was laughing pretty good. The bit with Sanz was kinda stupid, but
funny. 7/10

[MARC ANTONY] Not my kinda music, but he did a good job. 6/10

[DOG SHOW] Ehh... It was pretty bad this time. Usually I get enjoyment
out of them, but their running out of ideas. 5/10

[BLAIR WITCH] A bit predictable, but it was okay. Lorne Michaels made
the right decision by not doing a full out parody. 7/10

[MARC ANTONY] ditto 6/10

[3SOME} What to say? The bluntness of this skit really suprisd me, but
it was pretty funny. It's good to see more of Parnell. 7/10

Episode Review written by Erin Claire

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