Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Hi, here's a little review I wrote for all you internet geeks.

[opening] Al W. Bush Gore:

I think it started out ok, the Al Gore impression was pretty good and Will Ferrel is always great no matter what the role. The ending was a bit odd though. Why did Horatio Sanz keep yelling? Trying to be the next Farley just didn't seem to fit in here.


[Monologue] Heather Graham:

Holy Pornographic! It was funny but maybe just a little too "saucy" , you know? It seems like the show is more and more into the sex joke thing. It was ok but to sexual for me.


[Commercial] Litter Critter:

I thought this was great! It was the perfect blend of a good comic idea and plain grossness. When the kids kept putting the "critters" up to their mouths I was crackin' up so hard i thought i was gonna make my own litter critter.


[Sketch] Sex-Crazed Couple on a plane:

Once again, too many sex jokes. It's not smart comedy it's just dirty. This sketch has also been used up. It's funny but a little stale.


[Sketch] Ladie's Man:

Not the best Ladie's Man sketch, but these are always good. I liked the part when they showed the non-sexual part of the movie and it was about 2 seconds long. I'm beginning to wonder if there will be any non-sexual jokes, though.


[Sketch] Hans and Frans:

I'm a huge fan of Dana Carvey so I think i'm a little bit biased. but really, who can't like a good butt-reading joke??


[Sketch] NetAid:

Pretty lame sketch. None of the impressions were that good. Jimmy Fallon's Bowie was alright but nothing to praise.


[Weekend Update] with Colin Quin:

I'm not a fan of Colin Quin, but for once he made me laugh. I thought the debate with the little girl was funny. The Latino explotion was only mildly funny, though.


[Musical Guest] Marc Anthony:

Hmmm...I guess they're allowed a crappy musical guest once in a while.


[Sketch] Dog Show:

Usually funny, but this time a little dissapointing. I think this sketch might've run it's course.


[Sketch] Blair Witch Spoof Foundation:

It could've been better, but for the most part I thought it was pretty funny. It was cool to see Lorne Micheals in front of the camera and it was actually a new and different way to spoof the movie.


[Musical Guest] Marc Anthony:

One performance was more than enough.


[Sketch] Post-three-some discussion:

I know it's late at night, but how innappropriate was this sketch? The thought of Ana Gasteyer doing that kinda made me quiesy.


Episode Review written by Ebenezer Glumgold

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