Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

I grade these on a point based system. I add up the points at the end, and
that number determines the show's grade.

INTRO: Ultimate Moderate Candidate: Horatio Sanz is easily compared to
Chris Farley. For some reason a hefty guy screaming and flailing his arms
is just funny. It couldn't really carry this sketch, though.
Rating: 3/5

MONOLOGUE: Oh, Tim Meadows. Always funny. I liked the penis-in-a-box
routine by Chris Parnell. But I really don't like seeing the cast members
having to support the Host's monologue. I think the Host should use
original material because it makes it a lot more funny (Robin Williams,
Steve Martin, Dana Carvey, Kevin Spacey, etc.)
Rating: 4/5

COMMERCIAL: Litter Critters; This had to have been the most disgusting
venture SNL has ever carried out, particularly because I have cat (3,
actually,) and I know how revolting a litter box is. But that just made it
all the more hilarious.
Rating: 4/5

SKETCH:Sex Crazed Couple on a Plane:
The only reoccuring sketch that still holds water. I love these guys
because they always find a twist to out-do the previous sketch with the
horny couple. Will Ferrel getting all over Chris Kattan was side-splitting!
Rating: 5/5

SKETCH: The Ladies' Man
This one, infortunately, is slowly dying out. I dug Leon's new Afro, though.
Rating: 3/5

SKETCH: Hanz & Franz on Where are they Now?
What the hell was this? Out of all old characters they bring back the two
lamest ones ever created? And where were the jokes in this? It was just
Rating: 1/5

SKETCH: VH1's Coverage of Net Aid.
Two VH1 sketches in a row? Oh well. This one was also pretty lame, but I
like how they made fun of how pathetic the VH1 vj's are, particularly Cane.
Rating: 3/5

Oh, this was golden! Colin had some really good cracks in there, and his
putting down a six year old girl was off the wall! One of the best WU's
I've seen in a long time.
Rating: 5/5

Did Ricky Martin dye his hair black? Oh, it's a different guy. Could've
fooled me.
Rating: 1/5

SKETCH: Dog Show
Oh, here's a surprise. A Molly Shannon fueled sketch that dies on impact.
Despite being fairly hot, this chick has never made me laugh, and this
sketch was just incredibly stupid. Please, writers, just give her walk on
Rating: 1/5

SKETCH: A Message From SNL: Blair Witch Project Parody
What seperates this from all the other parodies is that SNL had an angle
(supporting the little African Boy) However, it didn't make this one any
more likeable.
Rating: 2/5

In the words of Norm MacDonald, "Hope you like Crap!"

SKETCH: Post Threesome Argument
Not very funny, nor inventive. I'm glad they put it at the end.
Rating: 2/5

AGAIN!! ARGHHH!! Did Smigel leave or something? This was SNL's shining
spot, and they took it away!!! So a zero for them!
Rating: 0/5

Out of 14 sketches, there was a possible 70 points. This episode got 36
points. That comes out to an F. However, Since I loved the weekend update
and Horny Couple on a plane sketch, I'm gonna give them a C. Not bad, but
could have been much better.

Episode Review written by Cas Fornalski

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