Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Hey folks, Carrie Lynn here. Before I begin reviewing, I have to say that I
saw this show in the studio as it was being broadcast. Later on I watched
the tape and realized that some things that were fiercely funny in the
studio didn't translate well to television. So these are my impressions as
it was happening, right there, in front of me, live.

COLD OPEN: Gore vs. Bush
Another display of political cuteness--not too bad. However, the sketch
picked up when Horatio made his appearance--mad props to the guy for his
energy! AND he got to say "Live from New York..." Whoo-hoo!! B+

Hysterical, in spite of the fact that it looked like Sarah Michelle Gellar's
monologue all over again. Will was great, and it's always a nice touch when
they put Parnell into any vaguely sexual situation!! A

COMMERCIAL: Litter Critters
I laughed in delighted disgust. If those children had not actually had the
stuff IN their hands and mouths, I might have given this a higher grade. B

SKETCH: The Zimmermans
I LOVE these people!! It's about time they joined the mile-high club.
Hilarious, hilarious, HILARIOUS--and an extra plus for that gay-lookin'
kiss!! Go, Will and Chris! A++

SKETCH: Ladies Man
I'm not really a Ladies Man fan, and the fact that Heather did that AWFUL
monologue only added to its general suckiness. C-

Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?
Sigh. This was boring. Even thinking about it now bores me. C

SKETCH: VH1 NetAid Coverage
SCHWING!!! Jimmy Fallon makes his first (and, as it turned out, his LAST)
appearance as David Bowie, and brings down the house. Kattan's dead-on
Bono, Tracy's hysterical Busta Rhymes, and Parnell's unknown VJ Cane are
also highlights. Smashing, baby! A

One of the best updates I've ever seen while actually being IN the studio!!
Colin was ON. He was a little too on when it came to poor Jasmine,
though--she was such a good little actress, she had ME squirming in my
seat!! Got that all out of your system now, Col? And once again, Horatio
comes through with the funny--more mad props to him for allowing himself to
be pigeonholed into that "I'm Latino, I make Latino jokes," category for
those few minutes. A

Marc Anthony: "I Need To Know"
I am now a Marc Anthony fan. This guy's got talent--fierce vocals, cool
moves, and a kick-ass band. I was left wanting more, more, MORE!! A+

SKETCH: Dog Show
Panic ensues fifteen seconds before they're back in with this sketch--no
one's got the cue cards and Will and Molly tense up. The cue cards arrive
just in time, thank goodness. Molly, Will, and all three dogs made me crack
up--thank goodness for that too!! A-

SKETCH: "Blair Witch Project" Spoof Foundation
Hmmmm. Seeing that woman run screaming into the night was pretty funny, but
the rest of it...uh...say what? C+

Marc Anthony:
Another cool song. Rock on, Marc!! A

SKETCH: Post-threesome discussion
<whine> OK, so Parnell's my buddy and for that reason I tried really hard
to find something I liked about this sketch. Unfortunately, I couldn't.
Parnell and Ana did rather well, considering the circumstances and the fact
that the sketch wasn't really funny in the first place, but Heather really
brought the entire thing down around their ears. I thought she already
proved to the whole country that she couldn't do comedy when she did "The
Spy Who Shagged Me"--did we really need to have that reinforced?? D

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS AND FINAL THOUGHTS: It was fun, it was cool, I always
have a good time when I'm there. I can't complain too much. However, SNL,
please do me a favor and STOP IGNORING JIMMY FALLON!!! He's one of the
strongest players you've got, and yet so far this season, he's been barely
visible. What's up with that?

Episode Review written by Carrie Lynn

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