Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Hello all you SNLers! Can we say that this episode was so much better then
Jerry's HELL-ish hour and a half?? Anyway, nothing new to add to my SNL
gibberish so I'll just get on with the review! ENJOY!


[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore: Horatio made this sketch! He totally rocked. I
loved Will with his frat brothers. Darrell, though, needs to stick with
Clinton. B

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham: Okay, she so DID NOT need to be clapping her
hands like that at the beginning of the monologue! She looked like a
freakin' seal! Can we say Sarah Michelle Gellar againg?? Hello-ORIGINAL!!!
But Parnell was the one that pulled this sketch out of the "gutter" so to
say! He totally rocked my world. I seriously screamed in laughter when he
walked away without holding that present! If not for Parnell...*hehehehe* B-

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters: Okay, this one was so gross! Just the thought
of it..Eww! But it was pretty funny and I did laugh! B-

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane: YES! YES! YES! Makes me happy!
This totally rocked. I freaked out when Will kissed Chris-OMG that was just
awesome! Although, Heather was kinda weak, she didn't really fit into it
for some reason. I think she was trying too hard. But whatever...this was
the best sketch of the night! A+++

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man: Okay, to me, this ranks right up there with my
thoughts on the Morning Latte sketch two weeks ago. I can't believe they
are making a movie out of this crap! Yuck! And Hello, "Boogie Nights" came
out like two years ago! They should've concentrated on "Austin Powers" at
least that is recent! Just out of total date. It was just horrible. I
didn't even crack a smile! F (It's amazing how in a matter of a minute
things can change so distractly on this show! LOL)

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now? This was totally cute. Great
sports Dana and Kevin for doing this! It wasn't hilarious but great to see
some old school stuff! So I'd have to give it a solid A

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage: Very weak. Not overly funny. Ana reminded
me of her Cindy Callahoun character. Chris made me laugh. Tracy cracked me
up with his dancing! He was hilarious. Heather was ok, should've waited
until they cleared before she booked off stage. Jimmy was great! As usual!
His accent was awesome, Man! C-

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn: I first laughed at the Lewinsky/George
Michael joke. Now that was flippin' hilarious! Totally did not get the
whole deal with the damn kid and why Colin was laying into her. That has
like no point to it! Solid jokes: The Lewinsky ones, the one about Ellen
and Anne with their fingers crossed, and Cindy Crawford's sexy image.
Otherwise, very low tonight! Not as good as the last show. Horatio,
(otherwise known as HG) was funny as could be! He cracked me up with that
Raggedy Ann hat and wig! He was good. Overall the update deserves a B-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony: Mute! Did some homework, reading..yay! N/A

[SKETCH] Dog Show: I must admit that this isn't one of my favorite sketches
(sorry, JV!) Those poor dogs! Heather was terrible! Her voice was just too
annoying! UGH!! This was just so dumb! I think I even liked Ladies Man
better. Just bad, bad, bad! FFFFFFF

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation: This was pretty good. And
it's about time they did a Blair Witch Parody. Their approach was great,
but not so sure about the Ethopian kid idea...what was that about? I loved
that Lorne was in it! B-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony: Again! Good Lord NO! Need More Sketches!
Mute-read-prepare for the last sketch "The curse of the last 10 minutes!"

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion: Definite attack of the now what I am
calling the "10-minute curse"! This was just stupid! Maybe I'll start
turning off the tv at quarter till from now on! This had no comic content
at all. It was just awful. D-

Overall: Okay, can I be the one to state that I was not pleased with the
lack of air time that Jimmy got! I mean...what is going on up there in that
little studio?? Most talented on the show and he did nothing! Now I'm used
to that with Kattan (my all time favorite) but not Jimmy! SNL-WAKE UP!
Anyway, the show was fairly decent. I still don't think Heather has an
comic talent in her at all! There were strong sketches, way better than
Jerry (think I said that before, but repeating is essential to get my point
across on how BAD Jerry's show was!) Prediction: This show will probably be
100 times bad then next weeks! Norm MacDonald (sorry for those that like
him..but) UGH! Have to like do some anger management before watching this
show, also having Mr. Dogg on is not too thrilling either. Okay, enouhg of
the reveiw of a show that hasn't happened yet (sorry, I'm total TANGENT
QUEEN) and I will say that this was a good episode! B

That's my review and I'm sticking to it.

Episode Review written by Allison Lowe

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