Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Before I begin, some comments on the best 0f 98-99. Poor choices. How could you leave out the following: Schweddy Balls, Celebrity Jeopardy with Ben Stiller, Ray Romano's monologue, and Roberto Begnini in the restaurant.

(OVERVIEW) Heather Graham is not one of my favorite actresses, in fact I think she's kind of a bad one. Maybe she can do sketch comedy better though.........

(OPENING) Al W. Bush Gore

It only took until the 2nd episode to do a Gore opening. I kinda liked Will's Fore impersonation better, but I guess they couldn't find anyone to do a Bush impression. This was ok.


(MONOLOGUE) Heather Graham

I think that people like her mainly because she's good looking, which is the case in this mono. This was pretty boring.


(COMMERCIAL) Litter Critters

This is one of the few commercials that I have laughed out loud at. This was so hilarious, but I'll bet it will be repeated ad nauseam throughout the season.


(SKECTH) Sex-crazed couple on a plane.

Never did like these characters to begin with. I guess they are a little amusing, but very old.


(SKETCH) Ladies Man

I figured they'd do this with Heather Graham hosting. I never did like this skecth, so don't expect me to start now.


(SKECTH) Hans and Franz:Where Are They Now?

I wonder if this will be a recurring theme since this is the 25th year. I wouldn't mind it though, I enjoyed this installment. Good to see them back.



2 straight skecthes involving VH1? A little unusual. This was pretty mediocre, that's all I have to say.



No new surprises in Colin's style this week. A couple of good jokes, especially the Lewinsky. That forum bit was ok, but Horatio's Latin comedy was a little better.


(SKETCH) Dog Show

I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't hate Dog Show, I don't find anything really bad, but not really good either. This installment seemed to be their usual fare, and Graham actually changed her accent.


(SKETCH) Blair Witch Spoof Foundation

Of all of the Blair Witch parodies, this one was executed the best. They couldn't resist doing this though, could they? Funny stuff.


(SKETCH) Post-threesome discussion

Slow and boring


(OVERALL) Still hasn't gotten any better this season, I hope this season isn't as bad as #20. Best sketches were Litter Critters and Blair Witch Spoof Foundation. Worst sketches were Post-threesome discussion and Ladies Man. Next week's show will be so cool. Norm MacDonald is coming back! 2 things I would like: him on Weekend Update and his Burt Reynolds on Celebrity Jeopardy.


Episode Review written by Adam Shuler

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