Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore
This started out fantastically. An excellent Gore impersonation. Very funny.
But what happened to it? It was all down hill as soon as G W Bush came on.
And the Horatio Sanz bit was awfull.
Grade: C-

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham
Heather was looking very good as usual. Pretty funny how they exploited
that, especially Ferrel's contributions.
Grade: B-

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters
This was sort of gross. I wasn't offended by it or anything, but if it's
gross and not accompanied by laugh out louds, then it's not really worth
Grade: C+

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane
Everything involving Will Ferrel in this skit was funny. Especially the kiss
with Kattan. But really, this recurring skit is getting old and formulaic,
not to mention a little weird. (Funny: "It's really dirty down here.")
Grade: C+

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man
Speaking of recurring and formulaic...Horribly unfunny. This and Oprah seems
to be the only things Meadows can do (and not that well). And Heather Graham
couldn't act!
Grade: D-

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?
What in the world? Where did this come from? The writers must have been at a
loss in order to resort to skits of the '80s. (Funny, though, is: "And like
everybody else, I like to get my buttocks read.")
Grade: D

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage
Painful to watch. Way too long. The only bright spot was Tracy Morgan, who I
really like and think they should use more of. (Funny: "Bring out the
Counting Crows.")
Grade: D-

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn
The first joke was funny. That thing Colin did with Jasmine was weird and
kind of mean. Actually though, some of his jokes were funny, but since his
delivery sucks, all I have to do is imagine Norm MacDonald saying them and
it might be enjoyable. The Sanz bit was too short.
Grade: C-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
First I've heard of Marc Anthony. He didn't make a very good first
Grade: D

[SKETCH] Dog Show
It's hard to fail a sketch because there's always aspects that make me grin.
But this was completely ridiculous and absolutely stupid. Just like all the
other Dog Shows, it's hard to explain just how much I do not like this
Grade: F

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation
Huh? Blair Witch? I forgot all about that. But let's see, Meadows was
inarticulate as always, and Lorne was his usual depressed self. Not funny.
Grade: F

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony
Grade: D+

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion
I was hoping this would be good, but it turned out a dead end. Very
disappointing and it failed to save this episode from becoming a complete
Grade: D

Overall: Well, this was a disappointment. You know it's a bad night when
the funniest part of the show was the monologue. It seemed like the writers
couldn't think of anything new, so they just threw together a bunch of
recurring skits (namely Dog Show, the worst skit of the evening.) I am
hoping next week's show with Norm will be much better.
Grade: F

Episode Review written by Adam Cortrigh

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