Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

Heather Graham is a likable actress, but I've only seen her in four
films and of the the four in three she's essentially played a dumb
blonde/bimbo-slut...in Bowfinger, Boogie Nights and even Austin Powers.
In comedy she seems more like attractive scenery than a funny performer
so I really was not sure what to expect of her hosting SNL

I thought this one was very clever if not really laugh out loud funny.
This was almost a throwback to the early days of SNL when the political
sketches seemed to want to really say something about the politics or
politicians they were lampooning. Darrell Hammond seemed to be
struggling a little with his Gore impression but Will Ferrel was great
as always portraying Bush Jr. and beer guzzling frat boy.

Heather Graham's Monologue
As usual Ms.Graham looked incredible and the sexual innuendo of the
opening was nothing in comparison to what was to come on one of the more
sexually explicit SNL's I've ever seen. Basically pretty funny, but not
because of Heather so much as Tim and Will's hilarious come ons...I
especially liked when Will tried to pass his dick off for a phone

The Overly Affectionate Couple--Kattan/Oteri
This sketch is one of several regulars that seemed to be running out of
steam but the unusual setting(airplane) and different execution were a
pleasant surprise. Nothing new from Kattan or Oteri but I loved Will
Ferrel's indifference to Heather Graham's come ons and that
Kattan/Ferrel kiss had me howling...

The Ladies Man
One of my favorite characters..and with a new wig to boot. This sketch
was tailor made for Heather since she seems to excel at playing porn
actresses. This one sort of had it's high points and low points. My
favorite moments were when Tim Meadows recommended Bill Murray's
Meatballs after mistaking it for a porno and Heather's speech about the
planet Boobula which reduced the Ladies Man to tears...

Where Are They Now?-Hans And Franz
This wasn't what I expected at all! I was pleasantly surprised. I
personally abhor those stupid where are they now shows so I expected a
parody with the current cast..but this was even better. I'd seen Kevin
Nealon recently on Martin Short's show and I'd wondered what Dana Carvey
(one of SNL's all time greatest performers) was up too and it was cool
to see them reunited again.I think my favorite moment was when Franz
goes to get a "buttocks reading" and sees Hans for the first time in

Vh1-Net Aid Spoof
This sketch was a little uneven when it came to portraying the Vh1 VJ's
but the musical impressions were right on. Chris Kattan's Bono was
excellent and the fact that Chris looks so much like Bono in shades made
it even more effective and it was a welcome surprise to see the
under-utilized Tracey Morgan doing a wonderful Busta Rhymes....Heather
Graham was very funny as the increasingly irritating Jewel but I didn't
really like Fallon's Bowie. Maybe that's because I'm a big Bowie
fan..but I also find it odd when SNL mocks someone who was just recently
a host or musical guest, and in this case it was just two weeks ago. The
only exception is when they mocked the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys
those were hilarious

Weekend Update
Norm McDonald was so much better at Update than Colin that it's almost
impossible to not complain about Colin's performances. I do like him but
he always seems so stiff when reading the jokes that he really adds
nothing too them. At least he doesn't say "C'mon folks" as much as he
used to when a joke doesn't go off as well as he'd hoped. However his
seemingly improvised "debate" with the little girl (who I assume was his
daughter) was very funny and well performed

Musical Guest-Mark Anthony
This guy was ok...I would never buy his albums but he seems to be not
only a better singer than Ricky Martin but also a most legitimate Latin
artist in the sense that he doesn't seem to be trying to impress anyone
or act buffoonish.

Dog Show
I don't excalt get this skecth in general but maybe that's the
point...it's so absurd it's funny. Molly Shannon and Will Ferrel are
such funny performers that they energy and straight faced goofiness are
infectious even if the sketch is really really bizarre. I found myself
cracking up at closeups of adorable puppies participating ina
"Ghost"-like spiritual seance(sp?). I think the best moment was when
Shannon asked Ferrel about liking men and Will replied "Maybe I do and
maybe I...DO"...Very funny and Rocky Balboa was so cute

Blair Witch parodies
This was a semi-clever idea but also one of the weaker skecthes in my
opinion. Lorne is usually pretty good in these kinds of things but he
seemed a little lifeless even Tim seemed unamused while Heather
maintained the same bubbly behavior she seems to constantly have..


The Three Way
This was a really odd sketch that is typical of the kind of thing found
later in the show..kind of risky and abrasive. At this point I found the
Heather Graham as sex object thing a little tiresome. Of course she
looks incredible but this was a bit much. And while the sketch started
off promising enough..the revelation that she was Parnell and Gastayer's
babysitter was more disgusting than funny to me. A misfire

Marc Anthony Part 2
Essentially ok the same as last time...mellow but pleasant


A very funny and at times risky episode and an improvement over Jerry's
epsiode. Except in that case Jerry was an excellent host with not very
good material. Heather was decent but she basically played idiots in
every skecth. The real stars of this episode were Will Ferrel and
probablt Tim Meadows for funny contributions in the opening and a great
Ladies Man sketch...if SNL can keep this momentum up in Norm's episode
(which I am eagerly anticipating) this could be a very memorable season.
I think people would like to see more Tracey Morgan and Horatio Sanz and
less Ana Gastayer...and some NEW characters. Mango and The Ladies Man
still make me laugh and I actually miss Harry Carey but the Horny
Couple, the Joyologist, Mary Catherine Gallagher and the cheerleader
bits are all a little tired....hey more celebrity jeopardy please!!! :)

Episode Review written by A. Howard

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