Heather Graham / Marc Anthony
October 16, 1999

[OPENING] Al W. Bush Gore-this was wierd cause it started with one concept then complelt y lept iinto another concept. it was still pretty funny-B-

[MONOLOGUE] Heather Graham-i thought this was really funny too. Chris Parnell was really good and since monolouges usually arent that good this one seemed above average-B

[COMMERCIAL] Litter Critters-this was stupid pointless and unfunny, do i actually give a shit about kitty litter toys?-D-

[SKETCH] Sex crazed couple on a plane-just when i thought i was sick of these charecters they make a good one. this one made me forgive them for the shit i put up with last year-B

[SKETCH] Ladies' Man-a classic ladies man that will no doubt be seen on the best of 98-99.-A-

[SKETCH] Hans and Franz: Where Are They Now?-this wasnt quite as funny. but it was cool to see Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey back in the coustumes of some old charecters...as funny as the skits are lets just hope the dont make a movie out of it..-B

[SKETCH] VH1 NetAid coverage-this basiclly sucked, a few good moments, but it was pretty forgetable, oh yes flashback to last year HOSTS SHOULDNT SING!-C

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn- i forget most of this, i remember the little girl and Colin acted very well. he didnt trip and he got really into it thats good, he did trip a little over the main jokes. oh yes last week i forgot about "Jerry You Ignorant Slut" and that whole part. let me say from the moment Colin mentioned "Point-counterpoint" i thought there would be a "jane you ignorant slut"then when Jerry came out, it all came into focus. predictible but the funniest moment of the whole show that gets a A, while this weeks update gets B

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony-i had him on mute, i dont really know about him but on Update Hortiao mentioned him in the same breath as Ricky Martin-F

[SKETCH] Dog Show-this skit wasnt very good. usuallythe Dog Show skits make me laugh but this was pretty weak-C-

[SKETCH] 'Blair Witch Project' Spoof Foundation-lots of twists and turns plot wise, while this was funny it wouldve been funnier just to stop at the part where they adopt thebkid, and not do all the skits and stuff. maybe a little backround on the kid, like in those TV ads.-B

[MUSICAL GUEST] Marc Anthony-muted-F

[SKETCH] Post-threesome discussion-some parts were funny some parts werent. most of this seemed like it was written to get the particually horny members of the audince all special feeling if you understand what i mean.-B-

Episode Review written by O9MMFailur

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