John Goodman / Neil Young
May 6, 2000

It's been a seemingly long wait for a new SNL, but overall this show was
surprisingly disappointing.

[OPENING] Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Not as many laughs as Hammond's Regis impression usually garners. The
scrolling interruptions were occasionally funny, but mostly just annoying.

This was ok. The best part was seeing the SNL cast "out of character." B

Too drawn-out. C+

[SKETCH] Wanna Be A VJ-3
I am all for making fun of MTV and Generation X, but this wasn't
particularly wonderful. I'm sure Jimmy Fallon's Carson Daly impression was
dead-on, but I don't watch enough MTV to appreciate it. C

[SKETCH] Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace
I'm getting tired of the writers using sexual puns to get a laugh. I did
enjoy seeing Tim Meadows play a regular guy. D+

[SKETCH] Christopher Lowell Show
The toilet seat stolen out of a Dairy Queen was the best thing about this
skit. C

[CARTOON] Lorne Michaels on The Life of a Catch Phrase
Some interesting animation, and I enjoyed seeing references to classic SNL
bits. B-

Jokes were so/so. Hammond's Clinton was wonderful as usual...I don't even
have to listen to the jokes, all it takes is the lip-biting and
eyebrow-raising to get me laughing. B+

[SKETCH] Rock N Roll Heaven
Morgan's brief "lead singer from Cameo" bit got a laugh out of me. Jimmy
Fallon's overenthusiasm was fun. B-

[SKETCH] Blowder Brothers
The Blowder Brothers sketches get funnier the more I see them. Kip
Blowder's stride was wonderful. B+

Pretty boring. C-

Episode Review written by Brianna B.

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