Jamie Foxx / Blink 182
January 8, 2000

Hey everyone,
HAPPY NEW YEAR! We all survived!

Well, on to the review:

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: The first show of the new year.
(And I have to admit, I was getting tired of those
three-weekends in a row of re-runs). My thoughts on
the host? Of course, everybody knows Jamie Foxx was on
'In Living Color'. And he was in 'Any Given Sunday'
(saw it-didn't like it; I guess if I actually liked
football, I would have enjoyed it). I think he's a
pretty funny guy.

OPENING (Hilary moves to New York/Clinton talks to
Putin): Gee, what a coincidence! Hilary moves to New
York the week after Yeltsin resigns and Putin resigns.
I have always liked Ana's Hilary (especially how
'annoyed' she gets with Bill). And who doesn't like
Darrell's Clinton? I did like Will's Putin (esp. the
'I'm just putting away a couple of Yeltsin's
things..i.e. the liquor bottles)...depending on how
things go over there, I see another recurring
character for Will. GRADE: A-.

MONOLOGUE: Of course, one of the musts an actor must
do is plug his/her current film (or tv show or...you
get the idea). Even though I didn't like the movie, I
liked how they entwined Will's 'Oliver Stone'. And
Chris K's 'Al Pacino'...I didn't like it as much
before. I don't know why, I just wasn't laughing as
much. And I wasn't sure why they brought the Indian
in, but maybe it was part of Oliver Stone's nature or
something? GRADE:B.

COMMERCIAL (Hamburger Anti-bacterial helper): I
thought this commercial was OK...I liked Chris P's
roving reporter. But I think the concept of putting a
substance that looks like my friend's 7-year-old
daughter's toothpaste into ground meat and then
someone tasting it made me want to gag a little bit!

SKETCH (Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez seek
counseling):First, I was very impressed with Jamie's
Puff Daddy impression. His facial expressions made it
happen. And when he was dancing to his own music..I
couldn't stop laughing. And of course, the writers had
to incorporate the 'Gun? What Gun?' idea into the
sketch...the exit was hilarious ("I don't even know
how to spell gun! I have never even seen the show
Gunsmoke!"). Oh yes, I couldn't forget Cheri's
Jennifer Lopez...again, depending on how events occur
in that situation, another recurring character, for
Cheri? I think so. GRADE: A.

SKETCH (Prison talk): If I had ever been in prison, I
might have understood this sketch. I didn't see the
point of this. It was totally stupid. GRADE: D.

retires): Yes, John Goodman does hang around the set a
lot for a guy who doesn't work there. Since Linda
Tripp got plastic surgery and now looks much different
(I say she looks like Jenny Jones with a brunette
wig), John Goodman's physique would not fit in. But
who would they get to play the 'new and improved'
Linda Tripp? Oh, decisions, decisions. I will kinda
miss John's Linda Tripp....I didn't see this a filler
between sketches. I saw this as a fitting and, yet,
hilarious send-off, tribute...whatever, you know what
I am trying to get at. GRADE: A-.

SKETCH (Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy): I
enjoyed the last Nick Burns sketch (from the Jennifer
Anniston episode--one of the few sketches I actually
liked from that show). As a Jimmy Fallon fan, I was
hoping he would use that as a recurring character. And
indeed he did. The sarcasm is what made me laugh, plus
the hair and clothes (reminds me of the computer guy
from where I work). Best line: Oh, and by the way,

SKETCH( Ok..it's a filler, that's my opinion): I
didn't see the point of this. Thank God it wasn't as
long as the last one (from the Garth Brooks episode).
One word: BORING! GRADE: C-/D.

WEEKEND UPDATE: I thought this W.U. was mediocre. I
laughed, I cried (well, not really), I just sat there.
I laughed at Colin's jokes, but Jamie's 'Stevie
Wonder' and Horatio's cartoonist...I didn't like them.
(And I was kinda hoping Jimmy would have some post-New
Year's madness carols, but didn't happen...bummer).

MUSICAL GUEST: Not graded.

SKETCH (Apollo Amateur Night): I know what Amateur
Night on 'Showtime at the Apollo' is. Most of the
people get booed and swept off the stage by that clown
character (please correct me if I am wrong..the
character's name is 'Mr. Sandman', right?). I loved
the two Chris' hip-hop guys (their dancing, mostly).
Cheri's TLC-wannabe character...so-so. And Jamie's
nerdy singer guy...again, so-so. GRADE: B.

SKETCH (Just the black guy): I liked the first three
seconds of this sketch. The rest of it went downhill.
I wasn't laughing...my reasons are too lengthy to put
here. GRADE: C/C-.

MUSICAL GUEST: Not graded.

SKETCH (I have a dream): To quote my friend Allison
L., the 10-minute curse...And this sketch was cursed!
It was ridiculous! Pointless, too!. This would have
been the perfect time for a re-play of a classic 'SNL'
commercial (i.e. something from the early days).

That's my review. Overall, I found this show started
out fine..but gradually went downhill. But there are
good weeks, and there are bad weeks.

I am looking forward to next week's show. I am a
Freddie Prinze Jr. fan. (So what if I am 23 years old?
Call me a teenager again but I like him). I loved him
in 'She's All That' and will be going to see his new
movie 'Down To You' (I think it comes out this
Friday..but I could be wrong--and do correct me. He
was on Conan last night, and I think it comes out on
the 21st, not the 14th).

Till next time, mes amis (that's French for my

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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