Jamie Foxx / Blink 182
January 8, 2000

Hey, wassup? How was your SNL vacation? Mine was okay, I spent a week in
Buffalo, highlighted by winning an impressionist contest, trips to the
Leafs-Sabres and Colts-Bills games, and almost meeting Dominik Hasek. I was
just walking along the street, and I saw him across the street, so I tried
to get across. Unfortunately, the lights weren't co-operating, and he was
nowhere to be found when I got across. Oh well, maybe there was the chance
he'd been to my page and seen that nasty song I wrote about him, so it's
maybe better off that I missed him.

Getting back to my beloved Bills... does anyone remember Phil "Can't Handle
a Coin Toss" Luckett? That's right, the football referee who messed up the
coin toss on that Thanksgiving Day game last year? Who'd think he'd screw
up again? Well, this afternoon, he completely screwed my Bills out of the
playoffs. For those people who've been under a rock and missed it, an
obvious forward pass--illegal unless you're a quarterback, which this guy
was not--led to the Titan's winning touchdown. But Mr. IQ decided to rule
that the pass was a lateral, and gave the win to the Titans anyhoo. That's
life. The idiocy of the referee is proportional to the importance of the
game. Anyhoo, it just pissed me off.

So, in accordance with this life going on thing, how about a review of the
Jamie Foxx episode, k?

Overview - Foxx is a good comic, Blink-182 is an okay band, John Goodman's
coming back, it's the year 2000.. What more could you ask for? Besides the
obvious Bills in the playoffs thing.. okay, I'll stop. Maybe.

Hillary moves out - The Mikhail W. Gorbachev thing was pretty funny, and the
handshake cracked me up. Very cool. B+

Monologue - The stand-up in itself was pretty good, the Oliver Stone thing
just messed it up. B-

Hamburger Helper Antibacterial - This was just weird. C+

Puffy and Jenny - The songwriting jokes were old, the stuff about the
nightclub shooting was pretty funny. B-

Are You Still My Phil Luckett? (Come on, the two phrases are synonymous
now.) - This had a lot of South Park movie/Satan and Saddam Hussein
flashbacks. Pretty funny seeing prisoners being such pansies. B-

Linda Tripp - The opening cast member thing was great. Well, it's all well
and good that John's still playing her, but how's he going to do it now?
I'm sure he'll find a way. A

Nick the Computer Guy - It took me a while to see where it was going. Cool
premise to this one. LOL ;) B-

Get Me A Soda, Phil Luckett! - Cool seeing this again. A-

Weekend Update - Colin was.. average. The Stevie Wonder thing was
hilarious. (Okay, Mr. Luckett, now that you know the surgery works...) The
cartoonist and John Rocker were great too. A+

Blink-182 - Not... horrifying. B-

Amateur Night - What the hell was the point of this? F

Jeffrey the Black Guy - Repetitive, but okay. B-

Blink-182 - Also not horrifying. B-

I Have A Dream - Now these are speeches people would come out to listen
to... um, yeah. Great sketch. A+

Overall - Another good hour and a half from the SNL guys. I'm running out
of cool ways to say this show rules, so I'll just sign off by saying "Have a
Safe and Luckett-Free New Year." B+

Episode Review written by Jordan Davidson

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