Jamie Foxx / Blink 182
January 8, 2000

Overview: Well, SNL had the holidays off, ample time to come out with a great show, and they did. Jamie Foxx did a great job I think, and he definitely livened up some of the sketches. Overall, a few things happened on the show. Jimmy Fallon has struck gold with Nick Burns: Your Company's Computer Guy, Colin is slowly reviving Update, and Jamie Foxx does surprisingly good impressions of Puff Daddy and Stevie Wonder.

Opening Sketch; President Talks with the new President of Russia: This was a pretty good sketch. I know SNL's openers usually deal with the president, but as long as they have good jokes and a different plot, it doesn't bother me. I enjoyed seeing the new President (Ferrell) cleaning out "some of Yeltsin's things" (A tableful of empty liquor bottles). Hammond continues to make me laugh with his excellent impression of Clinton, and the image of Bill and Hillary fighting: priceless. A+

Monologue: Jamie did a good job, and Will did a good impression of Oliver Stone. Basically, the monologue just dragged on a little too long, although there were some good jokes. B+

Hamburger Helper Antibacterial Commercial: "It stings a little at first, but then it's good!" Not a bad sketch. Parnell can definitely pass as a Hamburger Helper salesman. Some good lines and a good premise. A-

Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez Couple Counseling: Definitely an issue that had to be tackled after all the recent news about Puff Daddy. I liked Jamie's impression of Puffy and his "sampling other's feelings", a direct joke about him using other songs to rap over. The Puff Daddy sketch had to be done sometime, so SNL did it. A-

BlackJack's Biotch: It was a funny premise, and it was good, funny interplay between Will and Jamie, but it kind of dragged on for a while. Some good lines, but could have been a little better. B

John Goodman: Let me just say, John Goodman has appeared more on SNL in the past two years than Tracy Morgan has, and Goodman is not even a cast member. However, I do enjoy his Linda Tripp impression and was sad that he "retired" the wig. Couple of good lines, like how he wouldn't lose 40 pounds for a laugh. B+

Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy: Finally Fallon has a recurring character on SNL. This was an excellent sketch, and is one of the most clever characters to be showcased on SNL since the start of the new cast with the Cheerleaders, the Roxbury Guys, and Mary Katherine Gallagher. Jimmy has struck gold with Nick Burns, and has already spearheaded some catch phrases, such as "Move!", "By the way, Your Welcome!", and so on. Kattan and Sanz did a good job, showing they know nothing about computers. I like when Kattan says "Ooh, I think I downloaded it." and Jimmy says "Ya downloaded it! That's amazing considering it's impossible". "Viewfolder! There's no such thing; l-o-l semicolon parentheses!" Jamie also did an excellent job. I liked his tone of voice. So far, one of the best sketches of the year. A+

Tracy Morgan and Jamie: It had a good start, and I liked when Tracy said "And that crazy white-haired dude!" referring to Lorne Michaels. I was actually at the live performance when Tracy did this same sort of thing with Garth Brooks, and it was a real hit with the fans. I just couldn't believe Tracy said "Get me a soda, Bitch!" to Lorne Michaels AGAIN. It was funny the first time, I just think he could have come up with another funny line to use on Lorne. B+

Weekend Update: I was never a big fan of Colin Quinn and Update, as I thought he couldn't live up to the standards of Miller, Nealon, and Norm. But lately, he has been holding the show together with his quick zingers and jokes. I must say, my respect for Colin has been going up as Update is getting better and better every week. I thought Jamie's impression of Stevie Wonder was reminiscent of Eddie Murphy's when he used to do it on SNL. Horatio as the Comic guy was pretty funny, and Will as John Rocker was an issue that needed to be tackled, and Will did it well. A+

Blink 182: Not a big fan, so I wont even grade them.

Amateur Night at the Apollo: ??? Why did they do this sketch? To me, it really was not all that funny. B-

Jeffery the Black Guy: This was a great sketch, very creative. I liked how Jamie started out calling him Jeffery, the guy who is there for his friends, and ended up calling him Jeffery "who likes to run fast, eat fried chicken, who likes to do crack!"
Then Horatio saying "Let's ride my burro to my hut and we can have tacos with Pepe and the other 50 guys who hang out there" wrapped up the sketch nicely. A

Martin Luther King's "I Have a Recurring Dream": A good play on words with the dream actually being a dream in his sleep. Good sketch. A-

Overall: A Especially thanks to Nick Burns, Weekend Update, and the Opener with Bill and Hillary. A good show, I hope next week's is as funny as this.

Episode Review written by By Griffey18

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