Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

Hello everyone,
How was your week? OK here...Since I am going to
save my thoughts for the end of the message, I will
get started.

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: I thought Danny DeVito did a great
job hosting back in '93 (my fave sketch out of that
episode was the Gap Girls). I don't see why I would be

OPENING SKETCH (Tom Brokaw and Arnold Schwarzenegger
discussing the end of the millenium): I like Chris P's
Tom Brokaw (much better than when Dana Carvey did it
years ago). But I especially enjoyed Darrell's
impression of Arnold. Once again, D.H. has gotten
another voice down. I also liked the segue into the
famous line (a la 'Sound of Music'). GRADE: A-.

MONOLOGUE: The last show of the '90s, the century,
and, duh, the millenium (I thought there was another
episode next week, but I was mistaken)...What an
honor! I thought it was 'sweet' to give Danny a
'gift'. And I love anything Chris Kattan does, so
seeing Mr. Peepers once again...makes me happy! I was
laughing throughout the entire monologue..Peepers
humping the camera guy, and especially Danny's
impersonation of Peepers. One of the best monologues I
have seen in a long time!

COMMERCIAL: Political press conferences are so boring!
I am an adult, and if they are boring to those my age,
then they must be to someone 10-15 years younger than
me. Why not make it more exciting by making it a game?
Very cute and comical. GRADE: A-.

SKETCH (Delicious Dish-the aftermath of Y2K): I love
Delicious Dish, pretty much because of the comments
'Margaret Jo' (Ana) and 'Terri' (Molly). But since the
writers eventually would have to incorporate the
impending Y2K 'catastrophe' somewhere, why not here? I
liked Danny's chef guy and 'Terri' going somewhat
'crazy' throughout the sketch. GRADE: A-.

SKETCH (Mango goes home): So what if this is the
fourth related Mango piece this year? I like Mango
just as many of you do (this means you Allison)! But
I also liked Michael Stipe as the Christmas Fairy
(although I am not a huge fan of R.E.M.), and the puns
using a few R.E.M. songs...and, as a Jimmy fan, I
loved his Jimmy Stewart impersonation (correct me if I
am wrong, but I heard on one of those internet
broadcasts with Jimmy and his sister, Gloria, he
mentioned Jimmy Stewart was one of his first
impersonations). GRADE: A.

SKETCH (Sully and Denise visit shop class): I am glad
these Sully and Denise characters potentially will be
recurring. I mentioned it last time (i.e. the Garth
Brooks review) but I love the New England accents.
(o.k...I am very partial to that because I was born
there and even though I have lived in the South since
I was a toddler, when I say words like 'car' they
sound like how 'Denise' said it) I also was glad
Horatio was used in this sketch...His character as the
'wondering' and 'bitter' son of the teacher was
perfect. GRADE: A.

SKETCH (Ladies Man Christmas greetings to): I love
Ladies Man! And I loved this sketch. Short but still
'sweet' (and much, MUCH better than the last Ladies
Man sketch from the Heather Graham episode). GRADE: A.

CARTOON: OK...all I have to say about this sketch is
STUPID (I won't go any further because I might get too
vulgar) GRADE: F.

WEEKEND UPDATE: I missed the first minute or so,
(because the local station thought it would be the
perfect time to have the 10 o'clock news weather guy
tell us where some thunderstorms were headed), but I
didn't seem to mind. I liked this Weekend Update so
much. My favorite part was Al Franken's declaration
that the next millenium will be his millenium (or if
you want to be more consistent, the next decade will
be his, just like the '80s and '90s were). GRADE: A.


SKETCH (I'm FIFTY!): I am no where near turning fifty,
but who says old age can stop you? I loved Molly's
character...the hair, the clothes, the continous
"I'm 50!!"s...I hope this is a recurring character for
Molly.GRADE: A-.

SKETCH (Not my baby!): I found this sketch not so
good. Except for Danny's character as a mother, I
found this sketch boring. GRADE: C-.

MUSICAL GUEST: Danny didn't plug 'Man on The Moon' but
Michael Stipe did (a la his T-shirt) and this song. A
good tribute. GRADE: B.

And there you have it...the last show of the
millenium. Just like in 1989, 'SNL' has ended the
decade with a stellar cast: great characters, great
impressions, etc. Here's to the next 10!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the year 2000. I
am...I will be moving to New York City by the end of
the next year, a dream I have had since I was 16. I am
also looking forward to the next decade. I will be
living my life as I have wanted it, free and
independent. The 1990's were a great decade...I will
look back on it as my continuing-to-mature time (i.e.
my high school and college years), living my teen and

To all of you, have a wonderful Christmas and a great
New Year! Til January!!!....

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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