Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

Hello I am proud to be writing a reveiw for the last SNL of the millinium.

Opening skit-the concept of the whole skit was a tiny bit funny - then script did not transfer well into a skit. The acting itself just didn't match the skit. I loved Darrel's Aronald voice yet it didn't do anything for me D+

Monologe- Kris made this skit yet Danny was blah . I admire his wit but no one should atempt to be Mr. Peepers except the legendary Kris himself. Thid skit was witty and definitly a satisfing monologe.A

Commercail-What was up with that? It wasn't living up to SNL standards. It was not worthy of being aired. SNL has an image to live up to and that Nickoldeon humor was just an anti-blissful dull accuse for a skit. D-

Skit(Delicios Dish) This was an entertaning skit with a few "SNL" lines. Molly and Ana were perfect Public Radio voices yet again. The whole Y2K meets Delicois Dish was a great skit to redeme me after that commercail.A-

Mango home for the holidays-Who can resist Mango? I love Mango "family" skits. Remeber the one with Cuba? Oh and Micheal in platforms Mango in the perfect X-mas out fit it was the positivly the best skit so far. The skit was a perfect combination of fruitcake, goldshorts and platforms! Viva Mango A++

Shop Skit- the accents and glass eye made this skit. It was an ok skit that exploded with some great lines. Jimmy was so adorable. AH it was long hough one of those skits you think is more funny when it is overB+

Ladie's man- ah Tim gotta love him but what was with that skit? It wasn't witty nor filled with dinky wangs or punch line that bust your gut. I will be first in line for the movie but that skit dissipointed me. I did like the concept of him singing and his new vinal wig C-


Skit (court) This was a perfect part for Danny and I loved everyone's facail expression it was a refreshing wake-up skit B+

Episode Review written by Thehorse87

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