Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

Arnold/Brokaw: An allright sketch, although not the strongest of cold
openings for the year. The last few lines from "A Few Of My Favorite
Things" were funny. Grade: C+

Monologue: Mr. Peepers was hilarious, but this was the 6th time Danny
hosted, not 5th like they said. He hosted in the 81-82, 83-84, 86-87,
87-88, 92-93, and now the 99-00 season. Grade: A+

Kid Politician Commercial: Not funny at all. Could have went somewhere.
Grade: D

Delicious Dish: Well, it's been almost a year, so I guess they were
due. Started out dull, but the second half was funny with the white out
soup. Grade: C+

Mango: Again? Well this character is getting overdone but this was
funny with Guava the father. Grade: A+

Video Couple: Best sketch of the night. Rachel Dratch rocks! You can
see how once the longtime cast members leave Jimmy and Rachel will carry
the show on. Grade: A+

The Ladies' Man: Funny, but I expected more. His afro is getting
bigger and bigger. Grade: B

1999 Cartoon: The parts with Barbara Walters and Katie Couric with the
shark were funny, but other parts lagged. Grade: B

Weekend Update: Nice to see Al Franken again. Quinn's jokes were
really good as well. Grade: A+

50 Year Old Rockette: Started out strong, but ended kind of weak.
Still, Molly was very funny. Grade: B

Not My Baby!: I was glad to see Tracy do this character again, and
Danny as the other mother added something, but I couldn't believe they
cut the sketch off before it was done. Grade: Heading for an A+?

Monologue: Decent episode, but rocky in some places. Not as good as
the Christina Ricci episode, but good enough. R.E.M. kicked ass!
Grade: B

Episode Review written by Eric Golden

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