Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

I was really looking forward to this episode. A great
host, a great band, it should be great was it?

Tom Brokaw and Arnold Schwarzennegerzegegr
Pre-Millenium Talks:
This was a funny opener. A new impression for
Darrell, and it was great. He didn't use too many of
hgis Clinton expressions, either. This was good, but
it got a little weird at times (the end). And it
usually doesn't help to say that anti-gay protests
will continue on in the new millenium. Great
--8 out of 10

Poor Pardo. Well, maybe somebody wrote down the wrong
stuff for him. Ah, well. It is a comedy show.

DeVito monologue:
Several things- 1. This is his 6th time hosting,
whether he knows it or not. (May of 82, once with his
wife, 1987, 1988, and 1993, and now 1999). 2. It was
very interesting to realize that this was the last
monologue of the millenium (unless you're one of those
technical dip shits who says it's not the millenium
until 2001). 3. It wasn't a monologue! The stuff
they did with Peepers and DeVito was funny, all things
considered. Hehe. Ah, well. DeVito had a lot of
--7.5 out of 10

Press conference playset:
This was cute. Olsen twins cute. I LOVED IT!!!
Actually, it was good.
--9 out of 10

NPR burns down:
This was very funny, and an interesting approach at
the year 2000. Great dialogue, and well-written, I
must say. I miss these ladies, who haven't been on
since the same episode last year with all the balls,
all things considered. Hehe. What does that mean?
No, I know. Artie, you're typing to yourself again.
No I'm not. Shut up!
--9.5 out of 10

Mango and the Holidays:
This was funny, too. Nice Mango on the part of
DeVito, and I liked the family. If DeVito had a son
in 1944, would that make Mango 55? Eeeeew. I mean
not that I like men dancing or anything. I mean it's
OK to, but I don't. ARTIE!!! Also, Steipe (or
however you spell it) was funny. Nice use of lines
from his songs. Hehe! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Bad enging,
though. If they cut this ending, it would have made
time for a nice ice skating in the closing credits.
You really want to see Michael Steipe skate. WHAT THE
--9 out of 10

Bostonians Encore Presentation in Class:
I see. They're baaaaack. But they're funny, so who
gives a damn?
--8.5 out of 10

Ladies' Man Christmas Message:
This may have been the first Ladies' Man skit I didn't
much care for. It was funny and all, but it was
really just what he said in past episodes in song.
SNL seemed to just want to put this in because they
felt they should.
--6.5 out of 10

Real Audio:
Great idea and very funny! Besides last week's, one
of the truly funniest pieces of Smigel's I've seen in
a dern long time.
--9 out of 10

Pretty good jokes. Especially loved Franken. And Joe
was funny, too. So because of Franken's return, this
gets a perfect 9.5. Just kidding. Bad joke.
--10 out of 10

R.E.M. #1:
Good song. Expected Man on the Moon, though.
--8 out of 10

Fifty sucks:
Fifty sucks. This is just your typical Molly Shannon
character, but a few decades older. Not funny. She
adapted a new voice several times. Please don't make
this recurring. Enjoyed Danny's dancing, though.
Prepare, turn, and pose!
--4 out of 10

My baby times 2:
I liked this character the first time, and it was
pretty funny now, but this one wasn't that great and
the song was too long, seeing as how they cut the skit
off at the end ( also known as an Elton John).
--7 out of 10

R.E.M. #2:
Here's the song I wanna here! It's in my head now,
but it's a damn good song. Here's to you, Andy. You
never lost a match against a woman! Or did you? I
dodn't know, I was born 15 years ago.
--9.5 out of 10

Overall (Not to be confused with the commonly used
Quick credits! That sucked. But a funny episode. A
traditional Christmas show that has almost all
recurring characters (Baldwin, O'Donnel, etc.) It was
nice, though. Too bad there was no Andy Kaufman
tribute. They could have sure replaced that with the
fifty skit. I'm actually very excited for Jamie Foxx
and Blink-182. This WB'er's show hasn't failed, even
though I've never seen it, except maybe a combined 10
minutes. But Foxx is funny, and the show needs a
black host. It;s been a while. When was the last
time they had a black female host, also? Oprah? Who
knows? Maybe Garrett Morris will guest appear, for he
is on the show. And I like 2 or 3 of "182"'s songs,
so they better play 'em. Happy belated Channukah, and
Merry Christmas.
--7.5 out of 10

Episode Review written by Artie Sonmeyer

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