Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

(OPENING)Tom Brokaw & Arnold Schwarzenegger dicuss
"End of Days"

I loved Darrell's impression! It seems that all
Chris Parnell ever does now is his Brokaw impression,
but that's okay because it cracks me up ever time.

Grade: B

(MONOLOGUE) Danny Devito

The last monologue of the Millenium, and it goes out
with a bang! Even though Chris Kattan has been getting
alot of air time lately, I always love to see Mr.
Peepers. I thought it was funny when Danny Devito spit
the apple in Chris' face to get him back.

Grade: A-

(COMMERCIAL) Press Conference play set

I guess it was alright. I only smiled a couple of
times and that was it.

Grade: D+

(SKETCH) Delicious Dish

It can't even compare to the one with Alec Baldwin,
but nevertheless, it was still hilarious. The subject
line alone (The Hellish Aftermath of the Y2K
Catastrophe) was making me laugh. Good Line: "Like
that night I spent with those bikers in exchange for a
packet of ketchup."

Grade: A

(SKETCH) A Very Mango Christmas

This is Mango's 3rd time being on the show already.
The shouldn't run this chracter down so early in the
season. Besides this sketch was more....serious than
funny. The only good parts were when Mike Stipe from
R.E.M. showed up as the Christmas Fairy, and the fact
that Danny Devito's name was Guava, otherwise Mango is
getting old.

Grade: C

(SKETCH) Boston Teens at Metal Shop

I love the accents Rachel and Jimmy have! Haratio
was a key element to this sketch also. Good Line:
"Tommy, please tell me you got him saying for me to
polish my tool."

Grade: B-

(SKETCH) Ladies Man Season Greetings

It was a very well put together sketch. Just seeing
Tim on the screen lets you know it's going to be a
good sketch. I wonder what they're going to do in the

Grade: B

(TV FUNHOUSE) Jouralism: A Year in Review

Okay, I think Smigel should bring back the
Ambigously Gay Duo. The only funny thing on this one
was Barbara Walters.

Grade: C-

(WEEKEND UPDATE) with Colin Quinn

Colin really did screw up that line about the Cuban
boy, but even though he stutters, you understand him
enough to laugh. I was so glad to see Al Franken back,
but I wasn't sure who he'd give the Millenium to. Well
everyone, it's official, it is now the Al Franken

Grade: A


They are such a good band! I don't know how long
i've been listening to them. Normally I go out of the
room when the MG comes on, but this time I couldn't
even blink!

Grade: A+

(SKETCH) Rockettes Audtions; I'm 50!

I got kind of lame after all the "I'm 50!", but
Molly somehow always makes you laugh, so i'll give her
credit for that.

Grade: C

(SKETCH) Not My Baby!

I found the first one more funny. I'm glad to see
Tracy getting more air time, maybe he'll strip him of
his title "The Other Black Guy" by the end of the

Grade: B+


Even better than the first time! I could here the
audience start to applaud when they went into the
chorus of "Man On the Man", and I could swear I was
applauding along with them. I'm anticipating to see
the movie on December 22, it's gonna be great!

Grade: A

OVERALL: This show was filled with recurring
charcters, and I was expecting something a little bit
better, but it was still a great show. R.E.M. was the
perfect pick as the musical guest. Danny is now in the
5-timers club, I hope he comes back to host again one

Grade: B+

Episode Review written by Amy Barber

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