Danny DeVito / R.E.M.
December 11, 1999

Arnold/Brokaw: i missed it.

Monologue: Pretty funny, im sick of mr.peepers but it was funny tonight, also i was expecting some type of Andy Kaufman thing so that was a big let down-B-

Kid Politician Commercial: what the hell was this?-F

Delicious Dish: this skit sucks, the charecters have always suckedd and the only good one was with Alec Baldwin, because he brought some life into these boring charecters. everytime the skit is on i almost fall asleep-F

Mango: im so sick of mango. in fact im sick of Kattan-F

Video Couple:Horrible! it was good the first time, but these are horrible for reoccuring charecters. good jobs with the accents and attitudes and stuff, but its only funny once, they killed the joke-D-

The Ladies' Man: What was up with the wig tonight? this sucked, normally i like the ladies man but this bored me-F

1999 Cartoon: i liked this a lot-B+

Weekend Update: Good idea to bring back Al Franken, Colin wasnt that bad either-B

50 Year Old Rockette: Horrible!-F

Not My Baby!: started off good, but after about 1 minute started sucking-F


overall-bad! i like danny devito and i was expecting some good Man on the Moon stuff, but it was just bad tonight, bad way to end the year. plus everyone is retarded becasuse the millenium doesnt start till 2001! what the hell is wrong with society?

Episode Review written by O9MMFailur

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