Jackie Chan / Kid Rock
May 20, 2000

Hey everyone. if anyone cares, i'm in an SNL mood now. here are my opinions of the cast:
Jimmy Fallon- jimmy fallon is so great, i hope he's on for a long time.
Will Ferrell- he's one of my fave's, will ferrell is the man. especially as craig! & sky corrigan
Ana Gasteyer- she is great, her characters are usually really subtle and calmer than molly shannon & cheri oteri, which i like, cause i'm more into that kind of humor
Darrell Hammond- all he really does is Bill Clinton and Sean Connery, but those are the BEST. his bill clinton is perfect and sean connery is soooo funny.
Chris Kattan- he's my favorite out of them all. Mango's the best! & doug butabi. A NIght @ The Roxbury is the BEST movie in the whole world.
Tim Meadows- he's HILARIOUS.
Tracy Morgan- hes funny sometimes, it kinda depends on the role
Cheri Oteri- she can be funny, but most of her characters are these really hyper, weird people
Chris Parnell- he's so great, he can be really calm, but them sometimes he totally freaks out. his rapping to britney spears last week was classic
Colin Quinn- he's usually really funny. sort-of stupid, but funny. he was great in night @ the roxbury
Horatio Sanz- same as tracy morgan
Molly Shannon- shes so funny, but a lot of her characters are a lot the same. she was GREAT in "superstar" the second best movie.
Rachel Dratch- she's really good, especially w/ Jimmy in the boston skit!
Maya Rudolph- well I don't really know, because she's only been on for a total of about 5 minutes. but, she was really funny when she was being Ananda & she goes "if you say my name backward, it's Adnana."

Ladie's Man: The Ladie's Man is good sometimes, other times it really sucks, but this one was pretty good. it was cool that florence Henderson came out! and what is up w/ Sarah Michelle Geller? She was on last weeks episode too! hmm... 3.5/5

Monologue: I thought that this was a pretty funny monologue. Jackie Chan wasn't that great, but Will Ferrell and Chris Katta were hilarious. "I'm going to go eat a sandwich" 4/5

Nick Burns: Jimmy Fallon is so funny, i loved this one. Nick Burns always makes me laugh. Jackie Chan wasn't that funny, he just sort-of followed Jimmy around and laughed at what he said. And I just noticed that Chris Kattan & Horatio Sanz are always in this skit in the same place! 4/5

The Kulps: This was deffinately the BEST skit of the night. I loved it. Tim Meadows was so funny as Sr. Franklin. His Spanglish was great. And Ana and Will are always really great in this skit. Ana has a really good voice actually. The best was when they sang "the Thong Song" and "Oops I did it again"
Best Lines: "no es frio people, no cool!" "I am muy furioso! very furious! muy furioso"-Tim Meadows, "I never knew these Rennisance folk wore so many garments from Abernathie and Flitch" "what better way to end the year than by a fantastical all day mandatory rennisance fair"-Ana Gasteyer , "you can't read if you're dead"-will ferrell 5/5

TV Funhouse: i thought this one sucked. The cartoons usually do. 0/5

The Zimmermans: Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri should get married. They would be the cutest couple. This is another one of the funniest skits of the show and it was one of the worst Zimmerman skits that I've seen. which just shows what a great skit it is. when jackie chan took of his shirt, it was HILARIOUS 4/5

Elvis: Jackie Chan wasn't that great. Chris Parnell was really funny though, they should've kept him on for longer. Kid Rock was also great, so was his little guy, whoever that is--he really scares me. I started out thinking it was a good skit, but then jackie chan came on and it got a little slow. But it ended well. 2/5

Weekend Update: the worst one this whole season. i normally like weekend update a lot, even though a lot of people don't. it is USUALLY very funny. and i happen to love colin quinn, hes hilarious usually. but this week SUCKED. i think i laughed a little twice. 1/5

Kid Rock: the beginning was a little...weird. he reminded me of Eminem (w/ the Britney Spears and MMC stuff). then as it went on, it got more Kid Rock-ish. i'm not very big on the guitar smashing, me and my old friend (who loves the Who) always used to fight about whether that was a good thing or not. but i thought he was pretty good. i'm not the biggest Kid Rock fan...he did a good job though. 3/5

Pretty Living: this was pretty funny, Helen Madden's always pretty good. It gets a little old after a while, pretty repeditive (like Nadine and the Bloater Brothers and Sally O'Malley). i don't know if its just me, but all of Molly Shannon's characters remind me a lot of each other. the same with Cheri Oteri. (excpet for Mary Katherine Gallagher & Laura Zimmerman)-(i kept using the word "pretty" because of "pretty living" hehe-i know its stupid) 3/5

Commercial: This was not worth the space of a whole skit. I didnt even get why it was funny. i could've been a regular commercial. and i feel bad for Maya Rudolph. this was her only skit of the night and she had to do that? or maybe i'm just really slow and have no sense of humor. 0/5

Center of the Earth: i liked this one, the song was really funny. whenever will ferrell sings its good. he's a riot. the best part was when Chris Parnell was like "i'm digging a hole to the bottom of the pacific ocean" and Will goes "why would you want to do that?" 3.5/5

Kid Rock: (again) this was good. he really seems like 2 diffenent people, w/ this song (Only God Knows Why) and w/ American Badass and his other songs. But still, it was good. 3/5

It was a decent show. it started out REALLY well. The beginning was great. but, as usual, it got worse as it went on. Jackie Chan may be good at martial arts and stuff, but he's not that great of an actor. kid rock was ok. i didn't have any problem w/ him or anything.
overall: 3/5

Episode Review written by Christine

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