Garth Brooks / Chris Gaines
November 13, 1999

Hello everyone...How are you? OK here...

This is actually my second attempt writing this
review...I was in the middle of typing my review about
6 hours ago, when the power went out...meaning my
computer went off. So I lost what I was writing.
But I am back....On to the review...

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS: Growing up in Texas, I hated
country music! Only till I went to college (in western
Massachusetts) did I appreciate it. I became somewhat
of a Garth Brooks fan...And I enjoyed the last time
Garth hosted (in Feb. 1998). So I was looking forward
to this episode. The Chris Gaines thing? Not to fond
of it...Judging from what I have heard from listening
to the country music radio stations here in Dallas, I
am not the only country music fan who feels the same

On to the show.

OPENING(Gun convention gone wrong): Who here thought
this would be a cheerleaders sketch in the first two
seconds? Me and a bunch of other people I assume. But
I wasn't disappointed on what the sketch turned out to
be...A spoof on the NRA. I thought Will's impression
of Charlton Heston was OK...(I have to say Phil
Hartman's impression is the best). But I loved Ana's
impression of Diane Carbonall(sp?) and Chris P.'s
impression of Tom Brokaw..Grade:A-.

MONLOGUE: I don't know about the rest of you, but (and
forgive me for sidetracking) I thought the Mango/Garth
Brooks sketch from '98 was one of the best sketches
from that season. So I enjoyed this 'reunion' between
Mango and Garth Brooks...GRADE: A.

SKETCH(Bond, VD Stricken James Bond): Anyone who has
seen James Bond movies knows he has had relations with
many women (a.k.a. Bond girls)...Wouldn't you think he
would be inflicted with some venereal disease? The
writers have done such, but James Bond must have a
woman with him at all times, so he would he let 187
diseases get in the away of getting it on? Nope.
Again, the writers have done such--conveying a
humorous anecdote. GRADE: A-.

COMMERCIAL/SKETCH (hey I say it's a little bit of
both)/(SMURFS-the mini-series): Who watched
'Leprechauns'? OK...so only like three people did. But
this isn't the first time NBC has had a 'boring'
mini-series and had 'SNL' spoof it (I am referring to
the very first sketch of the Cuba Gooding Jr.
episode). So that's one reason why I was laughing
during this sketch. The other was the 'Smurfs'...Like
many other people born in the early/mid 1970's, I grew
up watching the 'Smurfs'. I especially liked Chris
Kattan's impression of 'Grouchy Smurf' (correct me if
I am wrong, but didn't Chris K's dad do a voice on the
'Smurfs'?) and Ana's impression of Celine Dion singing
the 'Smurf' theme song. GRADE: A.

SKETCH: Audio-Visual Project in Hickory Fahms (yes, I
realized I spelled that wrong, I meant to): I found
this sketch to be amusing. It was a take on how
'serious' a teenager 'must be' to work at Hickory
Farms...ha, ha, ha, ha! I found Jimmy's impression
hilarious (loved the Boston accent). GRADE: A.

'SKETCH'(I guess you could call it one)(Tracy and
Garth discussing Chris Gaines): I didn't see the point
of this..All this was was a filler between sketches.
Enough said. GRADE: D.

GONE THANKS TO STUTTERPUSS)...Being out of college, I
have some idea of what the corporate/real world can
really be like. One screw up, and kiss your career
goodbye! Goes for mergers...I found the most comical
parts of the sketch being the ongoing introduction of
the Warner-Lambert team and the imminent halt to the
merger thanks to 'Miss Stutterpuss' (Rachel). GRADE:

SKETCH (EXPRESS FLOWERS): What's more romantic than
sending or receiving flowers? But who to send to and
what to say? Takes some thinking...From the writers
perspective, why be so picky? Let a man say what he
feels...And let him send the flowers to whomever he
pleases. I loved the thoughts Garth wanted to use and
Cheri's reaction...GRADE:A-.

WEEKEND UPDATE: Not too bad this week...Didn't suck,
but it didn't make roll over with laughter. I didn't
like the Millenium Report part, but I did like Molly's
view of craziness. GRADE: B/B-.

SKETCH (MANGO): One of my favorite characters...And
two weeks in a row? Man, this show is good! When we
last left Garth and Mango, the latter was saying 'No
you can't have the Mango!'. But 'He can have the Chris
Gaines' now. Once again, Chris has done an exceptional
Mango! GRADE: A.

really can't...Well, he was trying! (writing music
isn't easy anyways; I was a music composition major,
so I know something about it). I loved Will's
impression of Satan, Lucifer, etc. GRADE: A-.

in retail for a combination of several years, and I
hated returns. So I can kind of see what the writers
were trying to do, make it as complicated as possible.
And over-react, too! SIM-MAH-DOWN! My favorite part?
Cheri as the spazzy salesgirl. GRADE: A.

plans on doing this (showing commercials from the
past) throughout the season,(although it would be
quite difficult to single out the best of the past).

SKETCH (WXLU NEWS): How desperate some news teams will
get for ratings! I was laughing during this sketch,
but I think it has to do with the facial expressions
Ana, Garth, Chris P., and Tracy. OK... I will through
Will in this, too. Liked him, too. Could have showed a
few improvements, but other than that the sketch was
fine. GRADE: B.

Well, I hope everyone has a great week!

Episode Review written by Valerie Carmody

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