Garth Brooks / Chris Gaines
November 13, 1999

[OPENING] NBC Special Report

Liked how they got an old Spartan sketch in there to say the opening line. Will Ferrell's Charlton Heston was freaky but funny. Not a bad sketch at all.

Grade: B+


[MONOLOGUE] Garth Brooks

I like Mango but did he really need to appear in the monologue? I mean, he already had a sketch later in the show so why do they need him to appear twice? And by the way, I don't know why the audience always applaud for about five minutes whenever Garth hosts. He's not all THAT great.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] TNT Movie Marathon: "Today is Never Yesterday"

Not a bad sketch. The Batman and Robin part was the best.

Grade: B+


[COMMERCIAL] NBC Miniseries: The Smurfs

Best sketch of the night. Horatio was hilarious! "I need to tell you something." "What? What is it?" "S-s-smurf." Sean Connery was funny as hell also as was Tracy as Little Richard.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Teenagers record job interview at Hickory Farms

This was just stupid! Jimmy Fallon was totally unfunny but it was kinda funny when they kept kissing all the time. But I just thought this sketch stunk bad.

Grade: D


[MISCELLANEOUS] Tracy talks to Garth about Chris Gaines

Great rebound from the previous sketch. One of Tracy Morgan's best.

Memorable Line: "Go get me a soda, bitch!"
--Tracy Morgan (to Lorne)

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Great Moments in Corporate History

Got really boring after a while. Not really all that funny, either.

Grade: C-


[SKETCH] Don tries to order flowers for his girl

The scrambled eggs and porn part was funny but that's about it. Just lasted too long, I guess.

Grade: D


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Colin Quinn

I'm starting to like the WU segments better because they're not as much Colin's opinion anymore, even though some of them are. The Millenium segment was okay but Molly's "Crazy People" was just lame until she said "...and I like dawgs!"

Grade: C


[MUSICAL GUEST] Chris Gaines


Grade: Can't grade without totally chewing him out.


[SKETCH] Chris Gaines reveals his true identity to Mango

Another one of the few good sketches tonight. I noticed Garth screwed up that rainbow line which made it not AS funny. I think the best Mango sketches were when
Garth hosted the first time and the Dylan McDermott show last week.

Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Lucifer tries to create hit songs but fails

Another good sketch. The rap song was hilarious. "All my homies and my bitches say 'hey!'" I also liked the song about Fred and his pair of slacks.

Grade: A-


[SKETCH] Simmah dawn na!

This was funny up until Chris Kattan came up to return an item (it's not Chris' fault; I just think it dropped from there because the joke got old.

Grade: C-


[COMMERCIAL] Royal Deluxe II

I hope they do more of these classic commercials from the '70's this season. I never saw this commercial originally because I wasn't born yet but this was pretty funny.

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] WXLU 7 Eyewitness Action Center

SNL is on a roll with closing sketches!!! The news intro was hilarious! So was the freeze frame part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grade: A-


[OVERALL] Not really one I would call the best of the season but it had a few good sketches in there. I just hope next week the writers won't suffer from three-weeks-in-a-row-crappy-sketches disease.

Overall Grade: B-

Episode Review written by Eli Krenik

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