Ben Affleck / Fiona Apple
February 19, 2000

Pre-show thoughts: I have seen Ben's work and it seems that SNL actually
picked a semi- funny host. This could be a great show. I am not a big
fan of Fiona Apple.

Sketch 1 (Opening)- Nightline.
Great "Tribute," I guess you could call it to the late Charles Schultz.
The characters were were great, and Darrell Hamond gave a good
immpression. The voice of the teacher was a nice touch. Rating out of
10: 8/10

Monolouge: The whole Gwenyth Paltrow supporting thing, wasn't all that
good. Out of 10: 3/10

Commercial: Victoria's Secret. They are really scraping the bottom of
the barrel aren't they? Out of 10- 2/10

Sketch 2- MANGO!!!!!! I loved Mango's self desinged outfit for E! Ben
Affleck posing as Matt Damen was hilarious! The whole Talented Mr.Ripley
was a great idea. This was a pretty good sketch! Out of 10: 8/10

Sketch 3- At the party with Rachel Dratch and Jimmy Fallon.
I am not all that crazy about these charaters. Out of 10: 3/10

T.V. Funhouse- Adventures with Mr.T:
Mr.T's mixed up expression's were pretty good. Out of 10: 6/10

Sketch 4- Fretts Film Forum:
Will Ferral was Damn funny as one of the critics. "I guess you could
call it FANTAS-Great!!" The Cheesy synopses that they had to come up
with were great. Ben as Chip was funny.Cheri Oteri and Jimmy Fallon were
o.k. I was a little disappointed in Jimmy's role, he wasn't all that
great. However it was still a really good sketch! Out of 10: 9/10

Sketch 5- FANatic
Ben was great as the teenage boy who was about to meet his Idol, Ms.Ana.
It was a good concept,Molly wasn't funny. Out of 10: 7/10

Weeked Update with Colin Quinn:
Well, again another Mediokre performance by Colin. Out of 10: 5/10

MG- Fiona Apple , Not a big fan. N/A

Sketch 6- The Makeout couple:
I find it hard to watch these characters. Cheri Oteri is just too jumpy.
But ben saved it. Nice touch with the leopard print G-string. Out of 10:
3/10 ---> Ben 6/10

Sketch 7- Sally O'Mally:
This is getting tiring. How old is she again? Oh yeah, 50. Ben Affleck
was pretty good , but it reminded me of Bob Swerski and DA' BEARS. Out
of 10: 4/10

This was hilarious becasue it is so true!!! There are always sooo many
side affects! Great sketch. out of 10: 10/10

Sketch 9- Who Wants To be Groped By an 11- Thousand- Aire?
Good, I am sooo glad that someone made fun of that stupid show. This
idea was great. Ben Affleck was great as the Hick who was the Groper.
Ana and Cheri not much there... Chris Kattan was hilarious as the
frightened little guy who didn't want to be in it at all but won in the
end. Out of 10:10/10

Post Show Thoughts- This was a funny show! I found myself laughing at
almost all of the skits, Ben afflecks characters were great and so were
the sketches. Althought the MG was bad (fiona Apple, PLEASE don't dance
like that!It scared me) It was a great show!

Thank You and Goodbye!

Episode Review written by Savannah Cookson

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